The DART Board: 05.26.2021

By Peggy Roalf   Wednesday May 26, 2021

On permanent view |Terminal B commission at LaCuardia Airport

The Public Art Fund celebrates its collaboration with LaGuardia Gateway Partners for the permanent installation of LaGuardia Vistas, a window mural by Sabine Hornig for the new Terminal B. The 42’ h x 268’ w transparent photo-collage fills an expansive glass façade, allowing sunlight to immerse visitors in a kaleidoscopic wash of color, image, and text as they move through the arrivals building. The highly detailed composition merges over 1100 photographs of New York City into a pair of interlocking cityscapes. Buildings pictured in twilight shades of blue reach up to the tops of inverted skyscrapers that reflect the golden morning sun. Info Photo: Nicholas Knight, courtesy the artist. 


This just in from Photoville | Deadline: May 28

The My Park Momentan open call for photographers from all over the world to submit images of their park moment or story, is on. This fall, Photoville will select 400 photos to display in a free and family-friendly outdoor photo show in San Francisco’s Presidio; four photographers will be awarded $2,500 each for their work.
This is a way of celebrating people in parks and highlighting the upcoming opening of Presidio Tunnel Tops. Share your park memories now and make new ones at Presidio Tunnel Tops when it opens in spring 2022! Info


Thursday, May27 | Opening reception, 5-7:00 pm

JHB Gallery continues its collaboration with Jetsam Studio in Southampton, Long Island with a special exhibition by New York artist Jaanika Peerna, including The Wings of Desire, a new site-specific wall installation that intermingles sculpture, line, form, shadow. Jetsam Studio, 58 Jobs Lane, Southampton, NY Info


Closing June 1 | Thomas Holton: The Lams of Ludlow Street

For nearly two decades, photographer Thomas Holton documented the life of a Chinese family living in New York City's Chinatown, resulting in The Lams of Ludlow Street, an expansive view of the Chinese American experience today.

The  project began after Holton first met the Lams, a family of fove, in 2003….Initially drawn to their tight living conditions, Holton's earlier photographs only scratch the surface. Over time, he became part of the family, picking the kids up from school, and going on trips with them. He didn't always photograph them, but their gradual bond allowed for a more intimate and nuanced portrait of the entire family.

"At a time when many young people in the neighborhood are trying to and their place and belonging in 2021 America, we hope these images can contribute to conversations within the community and to a larger dialogue," says the curator, William Chan. Home Gallery is currently a window at 291 Grand Street, NY, NY View the series here



Saturday, June 5 | Opening reception, 2-7:00 pm

Meryl Meisler I New York PARADISE LOST / Bushwick Era Disco
Meryl Meisler’s series “New York PARADISE LOST Bushwick Era Disco” is an intimate journey through the pandemonium and ecstasy of New York City from the 1970s to the early 1990s. 

In this series, shot between the 1970s to the early ‘90x, Meryl Meisler documents a tumultuous time in the city’s history marred by epidemics of crime, addiction, and AIDS, intensified by a paralyzing blackout and political and fiscal crises. 

Frequenting Manhattan’s legendary discos that arose from the disorder, she captured hedonistic havens patronized by celebrities and revelers of the night. In contrast, daylight revealed the beauty of those who loved and thrived in burnt-out Bushwick, where Meisler worked as a public school art teacher and continuously documented her surroundings. 

ClampArt  247 West 29th St., NY, NY Info

Save the date: Saturday, June 19, 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. Meet at ClampArt , 247 W. 29 St., 11 a.m, for  Disco Photo Walk on the Wild Side led by Meryl Meisler to sites of former discos. Bring your camera. 



June 5 | Opening reception, 11am-6:00pm

Feedback | curated by Helen Molesworth, at The School | Jack Shainman Gallery

Works by Sanford Biggers, Diedrick Brackens, John Buck
Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller, Karon Davis, Taylor Davis, Roy Dowell, Muna El Fituri Kohshin Finley, Christina Forrer, Lauren Halsey, EJ Hill, Steve Locke, Kerry James Marshall, Tyler Mitchell, Hilary Pecis, Dana Sherwood, Rose B. Simpson, Cauleen Smith, Becky Suss, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye.

‘Several years ago, I had an encounter with Janet Cardiff’s sound installation, Feedback. I stood in a room by myself and fiddled around tentatively with the wah wah peddle, slowly gaining the courage to put the pedal to the metal and brace myself for the sound explosion that happened next. “Damn!” I thought, “I gotta find a way to do something with this.” This exhibition is my rejoinder, my response to her call…. Feedback toggles back and forth between the past, present, and the future (working to keep the cynicism at bay), by stoking the small and tender fires of each artist’s experience of the feedback loop called America.”—Helen Molesworth

The School | Jack Shainman Gallery, 25 Broad Street Kinderhook, NY Info

Above: EJ Hill: Twice as Much…


Continuing through June 26

Chester Higgins, The Indelible Spiritat Bruce Silverstein Gallery, charts the early course of Higgins’s journey from the late 1960s through the 1990s with a selection of images that highlight his career from his beginnings as a talented student living in Alabama, through his early years in New York, and his travels to Senegal and Ghana.

Higgins photographs people of all generations--children looking tentatively out at the world; young adults full of strength and vitality; and elders, whose wisdom he evokes in quiet, peaceful circumstances. Whether at rest, work, or in social situations, alone, or with family, friends, and lovers, Higgins’s work reflects his respect for moments of deep contemplation. Through light, composition and a superb attentiveness to the flow of life, he creates images in which the sheer beauty of light and form conjure the magical spirit of an individual or group. Above: Home visit, Macon County Fair, Alabama, 1968.
Bruce Silverstein Gallery, 529 West 20th Street, Third Floor, New York, NY Info




Saturday, May 29 | Virtual reception, 6:00 pm 

Af*ter*math, works by Viridian Artists: After a difficult year of isolation, illness and economic hardship, the inhabitants of planet Earth are finally beginning to reach out, come out and attempt to return to the lives we knew before Covid 19. It is not easy for much has been lost. Some lost loved ones, others, jobs, and all of us have lost a sense of how to live peacefully in the moment. Fortunately, we have art and music to console us, and Viridian is pleased to present old and new art created by the artists and staff currently affiliated with the gallery. -–Vernita Nemec, Director/Curator. Info Watch a video of the installation. Pleaese email for the link to the recepiton this Saturday. The gallery is open Wednesdays-Saturdays, with upcoming exhibition 30 Under 30 on walls in July



Photography | A Miracle of Light: Deana Lawson on Her Creative Process

Deana Lawson, the recipient of the Hugo Boss Prize 2020, creates intimate images that lend the appearance of documentary realism but are in fact highly staged, featuring individuals who are often strangers she encounters in everyday life. “I describe it as time-stopping,” she explains in the Guggenheim’s short film. “There’s a moment, like this pause, where if I see someone, there’s a flash of, ‘I need to ask this person to photograph them.’ There’s not a particular type that I’m looking for, but usually the people I’m drawn to are individuals that remind me, or bring me back or recall people that I’ve known in this life, or maybe even another life. ” Watch here Above: Sons of Cash, 2016




Starting 25 May, Hauser & Wirth’s online art magazine Ursula will present Global Fax Festival – a new performance film by David Hammons dedicated to composer / conductor Lawrence D. ‘Butch’ Morris and created in collaboration with Los Angeles’ venerated Monday Evening Concerts and virtuoso pianist Myra Melford. 

The film documents Hammons’ first-ever restaging of his noted 2000 project, Global Fax Festival, here conducted in the gallery’s outdoor courtyard in early May 2021. 

Hauser & Wirth’s release of Hammons’ film follows the recent completion of his major permanent public art project ‘Day’s End’ at Hudson River Park in New York City, and also coincides with ‘David Hammons: Body Prints, 1968 – 1979,’ the artist’s first museum exhibition dedicated to works on paper, which recently closed at The Drawing Center, New York.

Global Fax Festival will be viewable beginning Tuesday 25 May 2021. Participate here