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By Peggy Roalf   Wednesday February 24, 2021


I work somewhere in between graphic design, illustration and art direction. For my lettering and illustration work, I enjoy combining digital and analog mediums: markers, brushes, ink, watercolor, and any other materials that can have that human touch quality. There is something special in a handmade detail that can add value to a design or an illustration piece.

Since last year in March, when things changed on the outside it was, somehow, a good opportunity for me to change a little bit more on the inside. Despite a time when we felt isolated, anxious and in need to connect with others, I was able to find moments of inspiration. And I found them in solitude, in meditation, in discovering new music, and reading. It wasn’t always easy but I feel very productive when I take the time to observe things around me and process these visuals into artwork.



I love letters, and I when I draw them, I arrange their forms into words that talk about self-expression, motivation, sexuality and other subject matter informed by what I see in newspapers, online and outside. I treat some of this artwork as a visual diary and I post it on social media to connect with the creative community and people in general. It’s an interesting and mesmerizing process to observe how someone is reacting to my work. 



I created several lettering pieces during the pandemic and not only it made me feel less lonely, but it also encouraged me to keep going, while being energized by the online community.

Apart from my typographical focused work, I enjoy creating digital collages. I continued a series of #shapesandflesh visuals where I focus on the sensuality and eroticism of abstract shapes, using skin textures. The artwork is rarely too explicit, and that’s what is making it exciting for me—to leave the viewer’s imagination running freely.

Despite these special times, I do think it worked well for me to move at a slower pace, and to have more time for introspection, and quiet moments that can often be so rewarding! 

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