Malado Francine: Charming the Lockdown

By Peggy Roalf   Wednesday February 17, 2021

I feel a little bit guilty that I have enjoyed being isolated so much over the past year. I think that it’s not unusual for an artistic temperament to include the ability to vacillate between being very social and very reclusive—and seclusion is really when we get things done. A positive result of this isolation is that I have made a lot of work—and launched my new jewelry line. 

This line of talisman/charms are inspired by sacred geometry, African jewelry, and early rock art including Native American symbology. They are protective charms that offer solace, focus, and confidence. I imbue the drawings with specific intentions, which are then 3D printed. 


In the background hum of my aesthetic mind, there are geometries and shapes that stem from African art and jewelry. Growing up in an artistic household, I was surrounded by African art, and my mother collects and wears African jewelry. Over the years, I realized that this was as influential to me as the artwork I was seeing in museums, perhaps even more so. Echoes of other types of symbolic art, including sacred geometry, have found their way into my artwork.

During this tumultuous time, it is even more important to have self-compassion. I have been struggling, like many of us, with empathy exhaustion. When we feel so much, little reminders of grace in our daily lives are essential. Something as simple as holding a talisman can ground us and provide comfort.


My 3D-printed ‘Grace’ ‘Creativity’ ‘Confidence’ and ‘Power’ pendant talismans are my version of good luck charms. They are printed in steel and plated in antiqued silver and gold. I am also experimenting with vibrantly colored plastics [above left]. They are lightweight, gender-neutral wearable artworks, imbued with magical properties, and feel wonderful to the touch. They remind us to center and ground ourselves, to come back within, to the essential—and to take care of ourselves.   

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