Friday Update: Call and Response

By Peggy Roalf   Friday January 15, 2021

The optimism many of us felt as our own ball fell on December 31
st probably feels a little tarnished by now. With uncertainty and doubt trying to elbow their way in, this is a good time for a “Call and Response” page in DART.

So I invite you to send an illustrated story about how you are handling this phase of the pandemic, specifically: how and where you spend your working hours. Please include:

• Three horizontal photos of your workspace; one overall wide-angle view and a couple of details [one square image ok].  Please don’t feature any specific work; links to your social media/website will be included.

• Tell your story in 25-300 words. How has your work and practice changed since last March? Have you been doing more personal work than you usually do? Have you been engaging with other artists in online drawing meet-ups? How do you diffuse situations of too much togetherness or too much isolation? 

• Deadline: First round, Friday, January 29, 2021, Midnight, anywhere.

Today’s post features Scott Bakal’s studio, from the story he sent in last year about his painting table, here. 

Note from the Home Office:
AP37 Call For Entries is Open – With Reduced Entry Fees! American Photography 37 | Still / Here. Deadline: February 5, 2021. Enter here

Note from the Editor’s desk at the Home Office:
I will be teaching Present Yourself, offered by Sculptors Alliance, February 1-22 on Zoom. Thanks to funding by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, this 12-hour writing intensive is again FREE to NYC residents. Just scan the orange QR code [left] for info, and the red QR code [right] to register. 





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