Spotlight: Photographer Victoria Wall Harris Shoots for Clients From Home, Because That's the New Normal

By Wonderful Machine   Tuesday November 24, 2020

This article originally appeared here. Text by Rachael Brink

Since stay-at-home orders were put in place, freelance photographers have had to get creative to keep working. Victoria Wall Harris, a freelance photographer based in California, has continued shooting for clients during the pandemic in a small studio space attached to her home.

A lot of my clients I have just done shoots for, so they’re happy to know I will be able to if this continues. Joshua Tree Kombucha came back to me and so did PowerCrunch probably because they knew I had the studio here.

Victoria’s work is split half and half between photo and video and between food and lifestyle projects. Prior to quarantine, Victoria had a consistent and busy 12-month streak. While the down time might have shaken her in the past, the photographer has found ways to be flexible and take things one day at a time. She now seeks new ways to let clients know that she is still available for work.

I was doing on average three or four shoots a week before the stay-at-home order, and now I’m doing one a week. I think because it is still pretty slowed down, when I get to that day, I’m ready to go. Typically, it goes really well. There’s instant feedback sending screenshots to clients through iMessage and making changes if necessary.

Many of the lifestyle projects she works on are larger productions, normally with models or families and new locations. Since quarantine began, she admits that she has pivoted to work more on food photography, which she normally does in her studio.

I did a good amount of this type of work before quarantine, so it’s not that unusual. I miss the ability to bring in a bigger team, but I’m used to working solo or with one other person on shoots. It’s part of the norm.

Nevertheless, Victoria does have two live-in models of her own. The photographer has shot with her husband and her four-year old son for products like Joshua Tree Kombucha.

I would say they’re used to being in front of my camera. Neither of them is a true model, but each is game, and I know how to work with them.

Many of Victoria’s clients do regular shoots with her for their social media content. Some schedule one day every month or every other month, while others prefer a three or four day shoot once or twice per year. Victoria recommends starting with a one-day shoot, since she’s on her own.

A lot of my clients also use me for lifestyle and product photography, and during this time I’m still letting people know that I can do the product and food work here on my own.

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