How To: Master Minimalist Landscape Photography; Light Portraits With (and Without) Flash; and More

By David Schonauer   Thursday September 24, 2020

Is it time for you to maximize your eye for minimalism?

In today’s roundup of photo tutorials from around the web we feature a School of Photography video that offers a primer on minimalist landscape photography with compositions built around geometry and symmetry.

“Minimalist photography is a form of photography that is distinguished by extreme simplicity. It focuses solely on the smallest number of objects and it is normally composed in a clean, clinical way with very little differences in the colors and tones of the image,” notes the School.

(“Of course,” adds Fstoppers, “with landscape photography, you are not given the choice of what inhabits your frame, so creating minimalist images can be rather difficult. One fantastic tool for this is an ND filter. Using a sufficiently strong ND filter can allow you to turn turbulent, complex water into a uniform mass or wispy clouds into smooth streaks, giving you a lot more creative control over how any given scene is rendered. Check out the video above for the full rundown.”)

You’ll also find tutorials on lens choice for landscape work and several others on how to light portraits (with flash and without). And more.

1. A Primer on Minimalist Landscape Photography

The art of thinking simple.

2. When a Telephoto Zoom Is The Right Choice to Landscapes

Think wide-angle lenses are the only way to go for landscape photos? Think again, says Mads Peter Iversen.

3. Mastering Wide-Angle Lenses for Landscapes

Meanwhile, Andy Mumford shows you how to get the most out of your wide-angle lenses when shooting landscapes.

4. Fix the Bad Lighting That’s Ruining Your Portraits

This video from Signature Edits discusses six different lighting techniques to improve your photos. You end up with portraits that have impact!

5. Nine Studio Flash Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t shy away from the physics of light, says Karl Taylor.

6. Natural Light Home Studio Secrets

Working without flash? Anita Sadowska has some insights on working with natural light.

7.  How This Golden Hour Portrait Was Made

While we’re thinking about light … this video FJH Photography offers tips about creating a portrait with flattering warm light as a backdrop. Don’t forget to bring a monolight.

8.  Beginners — Learn These Five Techniques!

This video from Mango Street explains why it’s time to get positive about using negative space, and more.

9. Remove Anything from Complex Perspectives

Here, PiXimperfect shows how to remove objects from images with Photoshop while maintaining patterns or texture that follow complex perspectives.

10. Make Better Photo Edits

James Popsys has five tips for making your photo edits stronger. Cropping helps, he notes.


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