How To: Get Perfect In-Camera Exposures, Shoot in Woodlands, Make Eyes Pop Using Photoshop, and more...

By David Schonauer   Thursday November 21, 2019

There’s a lot to know about exposure.

And you’ll know quite a bit about it after watching a couple of videos from SLR Lounge, both of which we feature in today’s roundup of photo tutorials from around the web.

In the videos, California wedding photographer Pye Jirsa offer tips on how to get exposure right in camera. But as he notes, perfect exposure isn’t purely a technical achievement. There are also creative elements to consider. 

Today’s roundup also includes some practical tips for landscape photography. Thomas Heaton shows how to create perfect lighting in a landscape image, while Adam Gibbs offers his own tips for getting better landscape shots. Meanwhile, photographer Mads Peter Iversen shows how he photographs in the Danish woodlands that he calls his home.

More interested in the cosmos? Find out how one photographer made a 30-shot panorama of the Milky Way. Want to make powerful portraits? Learn how to make eye “pop” using Photoshop.

1. Three Tips for Perfect In-Camera Exposure

In the video above, Pye Jirsa explains how to use in-camera functions — including the Highlight Alert and your Histogram — as well as how to set up Display Brightness. In the video below, he reviews the exposure triangle.

Whether you are shooting Sony, Canon, Nikon, Fuji, or literally any other brand, these tips are meant to be applied universally across the camera market, notes Jirsa.

2. Six or Seven Top Landscape Photo Tips

Amid the beauty of British Columbia, photographer Adam Gibbs can’t remember how many tips he’s offering. But it all starts with slowing down.

3. The Basics of Better Woodland Photography

Photographer Mads Peter Iversen finds inspiration in the beautiful and mysterious Danish woodlands and explains why he doesn’t use ultra-wide lenses.

4. Creating the Perfect Lighting in a Landscape Photograph

The magic doesn’t necessarily all happen outdoors. Here, photographer Thomas Heaton explains how to post-process an image to create optimal lighting conditions.

5. Making a 30-Shot Panorama of the Milky Way

From the landscape to the skyscape: In this video, photographer and filmmaker Michael Shainblum shows how he captured a panoramic shot of the Milky Way over Crater Lake, Oregon.

6. Learning The Power of Persistence

Patience is a virtue: Here, landscape photographer Nigel Dawson discusses a photo that was two years in the making, from planning to printing. Meanwhile, in the video below photographer  Evan Ranft notes that it can take a long time before you get an image you think is worth keeping.

Ranft has an interesting teaching technique — he mounts a GoPro atop his DSLR so you get a camera-eye-view of what he’s shooting.

7. How to Make Eyes Pop Using Photoshop

Make better portraits by enhancing eyes in post.  Nemanja Sekulic shows you how to do it using Photoshop’s Linear Dodge (add) blending mode.

8. How to Use Lightroom’s Texture Tool

Lightroom recently added the Texture tool to the Develop module. Here, Lucy Martin explains how to use it.

9. Make Slit-Lighting Portraits

In this video, photographer Manny Ortiz suggests another way to make an untraditional portrait.

10.  The Importance of Finding Your Photography Niche

Should you be a specialists of a photographic jack of all trades? Here, photographer Scott Choucino discusses his own experience at finding a niche, and how it paid off.
At top: a screen capture from Nemanja Sekulic's video "How to Enhance Eyes in Photoshop Using a Blending Mode."


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