Tech News: Elinchrom's ELM8 Is a Versatile Continuous LED Light

By David Schonauer   Tuesday August 13, 2019

Elinchrom calls its new ELM8 — a battery-powered continuous LED light for photo and video shooters —“the most versatile continuous LED light on the market.” The daylight-balanced ELM8 can out put 8000 lumens and 16320 Lux (at 1m) with a CRI of 93. It also features Elinchrom’s Skyport Protocol radio controller, offering 20 Frequencies and 4 Groups. At full power, it’ll run for 50 minutes, and the included battery can be recharged to full power in 2 hours, notes PetaPixel.

Read the whole story at PetaPixel.


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