Spotlight: ASMP Portfolio Review Series Number 3

By David Schonauer   Friday October 5, 2018

Portfolios from the ASMP Fine Art Portfolio Review, Part 3

Today we spotlight the work of four more photographers who participated in the 2018 ASMP NY Portfolio Reviews. In case you weren’t already aware, ASMP is largest photographers' organization in the world: It’s been around for over 70 years and has 40 chapters nationwide and over 7,000 members, including many of the worlds greatest photographers.

The 2018 Fine Art Portfolio Review, which took place in February, brought together photographers and 30 reviewers from across the photography and art industries. Among the reviewers: Rene Perez, Curator, Leica Gallery; Monika Wuhrer, Executive Director, Open Source Gallery; Paula Abreu Pita, Foto-Féminas; and Krystal Grow, Senior Producer, United Photo Industries. Yours truly was another of the reviewers.

At the conclusion of the event, each reviewer was asked to select work they’d seen that particularly impressed them. Below, we feature four of the portfolios earmarked by reviews. Over the coming days we will spotlight other work from the ASMP NY Fine Art Portfolio Review.

Norman Borden


When I was in Havana in November 2017, I saw there’s more to shoot than classic cars and crumbling infrastructure; I captured the human condition, observing colorful street life and friendly people coping with daily challenges. The portfolio I showed at the ASMP review comprised my solo show, “Habana, Si,” which was exhibited at Soho Photo Gallery in NYC in May 2018.  

Born and based in NYC, Norman Borden is a street and documentary photographer attracted to people and places “out of the norm.”

Norman Burden was the choice of Julie McKim, Independent Curator. See Norman’s work at his website.

Sheri Lynn Behr


After several years working in the music business, Behr decided to concentrate on personal work. Her photography projects have explored Polaroid manipulations, New York City's Chinatown, and the iconic Lucky Cat. Two of her Polaroid SX-70 photographs are included in the book The Polaroid Project, which is also a traveling exhibition.

This current series explores photography without permission and our surveillance society. “BeSeeingYou,” which contains work from all of Behr's surveillance projects, was exhibited earlier this year at the Griffin Museum of Photography and is also a book.

Born in the Bronx, Sheri Lynn Behr is a New York City-based photographer who began her career photographing musicians during rock-and-roll’s glory days. Her photographs were featured in most music publications of the time, and are still collected, exhibited, and published in books and magazines. Behr received a 2012 Fellowship in Photography from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts and a 2018 grant from the Puffin Foundation.

Sheri Lynn Behr was the choice of Kris Graves, Publisher, Kris Graves Projects. See Sheri Lynn Behr’s work at her website and Instagram. Go here for more information about her book.

Salem Krieger


The series “$2500 / sq. ft”  is a social satire playfully dealing with the destabilization of affordable urban housing due to the effects of luxury high-rise apartment developments. The footprint of luxury real estate has proliferated, limiting residents to high-priced housing. The interior photographs use wide-angle lenses to photograph cheap, common, cardboard containers to mimic the architectural photography in the marketing of luxury real estate.
The titles are based on headline copy from real estate advertisements as seen in publications, e.g. The NY Times Sunday Magazine.

E. Salem Krieger is a NYC based photographer specializing in location portraits and architectural photography. He studied at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, The Chicago Art Institute, The Maine Photographic Workshop with Bob Sacha and with Dan Winters at the Santa Fe Workshop. Currently he is enrolled at the Manhattan Neighborhood Network to continue his education with television studio broadcasting. His wide range of work includes portraits for various publications, e.g. Forbes, American Airlines, Financial Times of London, US National Guard, Whole Foods, and Swatch Watches, as well as work for private clients  and architectural commissions.  

Salem Krieger was the choice of Cibele Viera, Coordinator, Arts In Bushwick. See Salem’s website.

Susan May Tell


“A Requiem: Tribute to the Spiritual Space at Auschwitz”

In Auschwitz, I felt the presence of its ghosts guiding me, guiding my camera, and was then, and continue to be now, moved to share the tragedy of this place through the images I saw through my lens.

I arrived there almost by happenstance. While planning a trip to Prague and Budapest, I learned that an overnight train goes from Prague to Krakow – and from there it was a short local train ride to Auschwitz.

I walked the grounds in silence, in meditation, photographing the aesthetics, the mood, the sense of foreboding — and tried to capture the energy that lives in that space. Hopefully viewers will find these images reveal the presence of unspeakable horror, convey the ever-present pathos of desolation, and give a real sense of the large scale of this death camp.

Equally important to my artistic vision is my commitment to Auschwitz as a meditation on decay and memory. Like others' sacred grounds that are decaying, Auschwitz today is disappearing and raises questions about whether places of this kind should be restored and the importance of memory and commemoration.

“A Requiem” is booked at The Schumacher Gallery, Capital University, from September - December 2021. It has previously been exhibited at the Museum of Art | Fort Lauderdale and the Griffin Museum of Photography. The photographs are printed 6 x 4 feet on gelatin silver paper, full frame, with the sprocket marks visible. The prints are specifically left unframed. A companion catalogue is available: A Requiem: Tribute to the Spiritual Space at Auschwitz, with poetry by Stanley Kunitz.

For bookings, please contact

Susan May Tell's photographs are in the Smithsonian Museum's Samuel Wagstaff Collection and have been featured in many exhibitions coast to coast. Her Catalog of Works and Oral History were acquired by Columbia University. A visual poet, Tell was recently awarded artist fellowships to The MacDowell Colony and Yaddo.

Susan May Tell was the choice of Midori Yamamura, Lecturer, Professor MoMA, Fordham. See Susan’s work at her website.
At top: From Norman Borden


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