Latin American Ilustracion Vero Escalante

By David Schonauer   Wednesday July 13, 2016

Nature figures prominently in Vero Escalante’s work.

“I like my images to talk about ecological topics,” says the Buenos Aires, Argentina-based illustrator. “I also like to talk about the encounter of the urban and natural worlds.”

In 2014, Escalante was commissioned to create a cover illustration for a Buenos Aires art festival featuring themes of nature and mankind’s place in it. “They wanted to transmit the idea of being in touch with nature and the possibility of making art with recycled materials,” she says. The idea sparked her imagination.

“What I did was to create a magical, imaginary world, where vegetation was exuberant and where there is this person about to make a healthy choice, being conscious about the environment,” Escalante says. “The stone we see in the illustration represents that idea in the raw stage — I wanted to show that specific moment where you realize the decision you are about to make is the most conscious decision possible.”

Her first thought was to set the scene in the daytime, but the festival organizers asked that she create a nighttime version since the event was going to happen at night. “I think it was then that I discovered my fascination with nocturnal and blueish palettes,” she says. The final image was later named a winner of the Latin American Ilustracion   competition.

Escalante attended the College of Architecture and Design at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), where she studied fashion design. After working in several art studios and advertising agencies for eight years, she set out on her own as a freelance illustrator and currently works from the Club de Amigos Costa Rica, a co-working space that gathers designers and artists in Buenos Aires. “It was born with idea of sharing information, working methods, as well as moments and friendships,” she notes.

Over the years her clients have included the Disney Channel, Google, Cartoon Network, the Coca-Cola Company, Kinder, Netflix, MINI Cooper, Adidas, Fox and MTV. Her work has been published in over 15 illustration and design books.

See more of Escalante's work at her website.


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