Latin American Fotografia: William Kass

By David Schonauer   Wednesday March 30, 2016

The sea is full of strange creatures.

William Kass’s “Eggplant Orca” is truly unique, however. Kass, an artist living in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has made a name for himself by playing with food: He creates and photographs witty dioramas using fruits, vegetables and other edibles as well as figurines he finds. He has photographed tiny sunbathers relaxing on an orange, hikers camping near a chili cactus, a daredevil being fired from a cucumber canon, and a funeral taking place on a watermelon.

The work, all part of a project Kass calls “Minimize,” is an exercise in macro photography, he says.

“I buy the little plastic figures rather than making them — though maybe one day I will make my own figures with a 3D printer — and I create the scenes and photograph them in my studio/atelier,” he says. I'm always getting inspiration from daily human life. I started this project when I first tried macro photography. I always liked the result that macro photography gave me. I did some testing, I liked the result and from there I created the project.”

One of his images — showing two scuba divers surprised by the appearance an of an orca whale that is made from an eggplant, was named a winner of the Latin American Fotografia 4  competition.

The work, as you can see in the video below, is a painstaking process requiring imagination, deft handiwork, and skillful tabletop photography

Kass, is based in Sao Paulo, where he was born. In college he studied Architecture and Urbanism as well as photography and art. “I gathered all these interests together in the Minimize project,” he says.


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