Latin American Ilustracion: Adriana Matallana Sandoval

By David Schonauer   Wednesday December 16, 2015

A is for “acordeón.”

B is for “Bogotá.”

When Colombia illustrator and graphic designer Adriana Matallana was assigned to create the artwork for the book Colombia con todas sue letras (Colombia in Letters), she had an entire alphabet with which to describe her country. The book, created for the Colombian embassy in Spain, turns the country’s most common and well known people, places and objects into vivid visual treats. N is for “Sierra Nevada,” a Colombian mountain range. W is for “Wayuu,” the indigenous people living near the the Colombia-Venezuela border.

“One of my personal favorite illustrations for the book is F, which is for ‘frijol,’ one of the richest foods in Colombia,” says Matallana. “It was really rewarding and exciting for me to represent my country with my artwork.”

Her illustration of the mighty bean was singled out as a winner of the Latin American Ilustracion 4  competition.

Matallana, who currently works for the Ogilvy advertising agency in Bogotá, has worked with a number of publishers in Colombia and Argentina throughout her career.  Among the books she has developed is Los 4 Lentes de la Innovación (The 4 Lenses of Innovation), written by Rowan Gibson, which discusses how anyone can look at vexing problems in creative, fresh ways. Speaking of creativity, watch the video below, which features the book and Matallana’s work in surprising ways.

“I am as passionate about editorial illustration as my personal work,” Matallana says of the work.


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