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Trending: National Archives Apologizes for Altering Image with Anti-Trump Signs

By David Schonauer   Monday January 20, 2020

"We made a mistake." That mea culpa, posted to Twitter on Saturday by the National Archives, came after revelations that it had made multiple alterations to a photo of the 2017 Women's March in D.C. that was part of an exhibition marking the centennial of the right of women to vote. The Archives, an independent government agency charged with preserving governmental and historical records, ...   Read the full Story >>

Media Watch: Journalist Groups Protest Impeachment Restrictions

npr   Monday January 20, 2020

With 57 media organizations, the National Press Photographers Association has joined in a letter from the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press regarding press restrictions during the impeachment trial of President Donald J. Trump. Proposed rules include a ban on electronic devices in the Senate chamber and requirements that the press stay in small, cordoned-off areas, notes NPR. “With these restrictions in place, journalists’ efforts to share timely and accurate updates and commentary on the proceedings with the American public will be impeded,” notes the letter.    Read the full Story >>

Portfolio: Reframing the Harrowing Journey of Venezuelans

COLOSSAL   Monday January 20, 2020

In his series “Undaily Bread,” photographer Gregg Segal documents Venezuelan immigrants with the entirety of their belongings lying around them. Created in collaboration with ANHCR, a refugee organization, the project shows what life as a Venezuelan refugee looks like, notes Colossal. Images at Segal’s Instagram page include captions describing each family’s difficult journey. The series is an offshoot of “Daily Bread,” Segal’s well-known series showing kids from around the world surrounded by what they eat each day.   Read the full Story >>

Social News: Has Instagram Gone Too Far By Hiding Photoshopped Images?

International Business Times   Monday January 20, 2020

Facebook-owned Instagram wants to get rid of fake news. And to that end the photo-sharing app launched a fact-checking feature in December that flags “fake” photos. But, notes PetaPixel, many photographers are wondering whether Instagram has gone too far in its search for truthiness by making it harder “to share and view certain types of photography." Instgram uses “a combination of feedback from our community and technology” to identify which photos to pass onto third-party independent fact-checkers, notes International Business Times. “Fake” photos are also removed from Explore and Hashtag pages and automatically flagged in future posts.   Read the full Story >>

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