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Insights: Basic Lighting Setups for Head Shots

CreativeLive   Tuesday August 31, 2021

“Lighting for portraiture doesn't need to be complicated or involved an arsenal of lights,” notes Fstoppers. “If you know how to use just one key light effectively and how to control it, you can create excellent corporate headshots for your friends and for clients.” A new tutorial from Creative Live shows basic lighting setups for corporate head shots.   Read the full Story >>

In Focus: Shining A Light On Muslim-American Women Athletes

npr   Tuesday August 31, 2021

After photographer Eman Mohammed decided to start a long-term portraiture project featuring Muslim-American women, she turned her attention to sports. "The project isn't aiming to break stereotypes because these women already did the work and shattered it. My goal is to highlight these women as they do it,” Mohammed tells NPR. Among her subjects: Subreen Dari, a 33-year-old Palestinian-American weightlifter living in Strongsville, Ohio, who began her fitness journey after dropping off her son at a sports facility and meeting with his trainer.   Read the full Story >>

Industry News: Adobe Acquires in Billion-Dollar Deal

nofilmschool   Tuesday August 31, 2021

Adobe has acquired, the cloud-based video-collaboration service in a deal worth $1.275 billion, reports NoFilmSchool. The service, which was backed by venture capital within its first year, has grown extremely fast, and has even caused similar companies (Dropbox, for example) to adopt a lot of the functionality that they brought to the table in order to compete, notes NFS. Adobe, meanwhile, has made a lot of cloud-based and artificial intelligence-based updates to its offerings.   Read the full Story >>

In Focus: Documenting a Disappeared Afghanistan

The New York Times   Tuesday August 31, 2021

Earlier this year, after President Biden announced that American troops would complete their withdrawal from Afghanistan by September, the photographer Kiana Hayeri set out to document the end of the 20-year occupation through the eyes of young Afghans, those who were raised after the U.S. invasion in 2001. Hayeri, who has been based in Kabul since 2014, knew that the future these Afghans had imagined for themselves would soon change; the question was how, and when, notes The New York Times. The “when” has come.   Read the full Story >>

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