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Passings: Tom Lankford, Who Documented Civil Rights Struggles While Helping FBI, Dies at 85

The New York Times   Monday January 25, 2021

Tom Lankford, who as a reporter for The Birmingham News took some of the most memorable photos of the civil rights era even as he worked hand in glove with the city’s police department and the F.B.I., died on Dec. 31 in Gadsden, Ala., from complications of covid-19. He was 85, notes The New York Times. Lankford was seemingly everywhere during the tumultuous early 1960s. His photos have become landmark documents of the struggle against Jim Crow laws, notes The Times. He sometimes landed scoops in exchange for things like wiretapping members of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s family.   Read the full Story >>

Portfolio: Capturing the Real Casablanca

CNN   Monday January 25, 2021

Every time he traveled somewhere new in the world, people would ask photographer Yassine Alaoui where he's from: "I say Casablanca, and they immediately connect Casablanca with the movie.” It's those conversations with strangers that inspired his series "Casablanca Not the Movie,” which aims to show the real Moroccan city, as opposed to the one represented in films like the 1942 Hollywood classic. The images lift the veil on the city, exposing a vibrant and eclectic place well beyond the guidebooks and film lore, notes CNN.   Read the full Story >>

Dept of Ideas: Start a Video Production Company

nofilmschool   Monday January 25, 2021

It's been the dream of many a filmmaker to have their own production company. The goal is usually to build a media production company so you'll be able to accumulate the resources (post suites, camera, lighting, and sound gear, and best of all professional relationships) to support doing your own creative work, notes NoFilmSchool, which has a primer on launching such a company.    Read the full Story >>

Trending: The Photographer Behind the Bernie Meme

news-times   Monday January 25, 2021

You’ve seen the Bernie Sanders inauguration meme — and perhaps you’re tired of seeing it —but the News-Times of Danbury, Connecticut, wants you to meet the photographer who shot the photo behind the meme. “I am not crazy about [my photojournalism] becoming memes but I am glad to have eyes on my work,” says Brendan Smialowski, who shoots for Agence France Presse and once worked for the News-Times. Meanwhile, notes BuzzFeed, someone automated the Bernie-meme process.   Read the full Story >>

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