David Schonauer

What We Learned This Week: Chinese Censorship and the Sony World Photo Awards

By David Schonauer   Friday February 28, 2020

This week saw charges of censorship aimed at an unexpected source: Recently, the Sony World Photography Awards revealed the shortlist for its 2020 professional competition, including several series relating to protests in Hong Kong. Then came news that those entries had been removed from the competition's website. That controversy was followed by the news that the United States had declared five Chinese news outlets …   Read the full Story >>

Insight: How to Fix These Five Common Composition Mistakes

Joris Hermans   Thursday February 27, 2020

Composition is a photographic fundamental, but plenty of photographers make the same mistakes, notes photographer and YouTuber Joris Hermans in a new video. Among the mistakes he sees people making: not knowing what story they want to tell, and thinking too much about rules of composition.   Read the full Story >>

In Focus: Why Todd Hochberg Documents Stillbirths

The Atlantic   Thursday February 27, 2020

Since 1997, Todd Hochberg has been going to hospitals to photograph families after the death of a baby, arriving at all times of day and night—more often at night, it seems, when it is a stillbirth. If he can, the Evanston, IL-based photographer will be there for the birth itself and will remain as parents say goodbye to their child. For parents, his photographs document one of the worst days of their lives. But, notes The Atlantic, they also represent the few cherished memories they will ever have of their child, and a new way of thinking about stillbirth.   Read the full Story >>

Honor Roll, 2: Antonio Feccilongo's "Habibi" Wins FotoEvidence Book Award

FotoEvidence   Thursday February 27, 2020

Italian photojournalist Antonio Faccilongo is the winner of the 2020 FotoEvidence Book Award with World Press Photo for his project “Habibi.” The work, which will be published as a book, “follows families in Palestine with men serving long sentences in Israeli jails, who smuggle sperm and use in-vitro fertilization to have children,” notes FotoEvidence, adding, “Most media depict Palestine as a war zone. ‘Habibi’ takes a purely humanistic approach to one non-violent response to oppression.”   Read the full Story >>

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