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Insight, 2: Why You Should Use Low-Contrast Lens Filters

Jake Hicks   Tuesday January 21, 2020

Low-contrast lens filters lower the overall contrast of a shot. “To clarify what that means in relation to photography: these filters will reduce the darkness of the shadows by allowing light to bleed into them from surrounding highlights,” writes UK-based editorial and fashion photographer Jake Hicks. Once, low-contrast filters were often used to give skin a certain glow; today, he notes, they’re making a comeback because modern cameras and lenses are “too sharp” for some projects.    Read the full Story >>

Insight, 1: How to Photograph This Year's Rare Natural Wonders

Outside   Tuesday January 21, 2020

For landscape and nature photographers, there’s a long list of natural occurrences happening in 2020 worth traveling for, notes Outside, which features a primer on shooting everything from wildflowers in Crested Butte, Colorado (there’s a wildflower festival from July 10 to 19, featuring wildflower-specific photography classes), to Yosemite National Park’s famous Firefall, which occurs in late February, when snow conditions and clear skies make Horsetail Falls glow red, giving the illusion that it’s on fire.    Read the full Story >>

Social News: Instagram Adds Direct Messaging to the Web Version in Limited Test

PetaPixel   Tuesday January 21, 2020

Instagram is testing Direct Messaging on the Web — a feature, notes PetaPixel, that could come in very handy for professional photographers who use Instagram as a business and branding tool. “While DMs on the Web might not affect most ‘typical’ users of the platform, photographers who communicate with clients or use IG to find models and collaborators will no-doubt welcome the addition. It would make it much more convenient to do business over the platform, in addition to letting you communicate with friends and followers without taking out your phone,” adds PP.   Read the full Story >>

Honor Roll: Ocean Art Photography Contest Winners

Ochre   Tuesday January 21, 2020

Photographer Greg Lecoeur has been named the overall winner of the eighth annual Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition for his image of a crab-eater seal maneuvering under Antarctic ice. Organized by Underwater Photography Guide, the contest awards over $85,000 in prizes to its winners, notes My Modern Met. This year’s contest included 16 categories, two of which — Conservation and Blackwater Diving (or night diving) — were new. Another new award, "Rising Star Photographer," went to Jules Casey for a photo of six juvenile seahorses.   Read the full Story >>

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