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What We Learned This Week: Ron Haeberle Recalls Shooting the My Lai Massacre in 1968

By David Schonauer   Friday December 6, 2019

"I have to live with it," says Ron Haeberle. By "it," he means the murder of 504 unarmed civilians by U.S. soldiers during the Vietnam War, an incident that came to be known as the My Lai Massacre. Haeberle was at the scene, working as a U.S. Army photographer on March 16, 1968, and he recorded the aftermath of what happened. His pictures appeared ...   Read the full Story >>

Motion: This Hyperlapse Was Made With 1,272 Instagram Pics

DIYPhotography   Friday December 6, 2019

“We’re getting to a point where it feels like just about everywhere on earth has been photographed from every angle. And then posted to Instagram,” notes DIY Photography. Art director Sam Morrison used that abundance to his advantage to create a 57-second hyperlapse of New York City. The film is made from 1,272 crowdsourced photos he found on the social network. Morrison sifted through some 100,000 photos on Instagram using location tags and hashtags, then sorted and animated in After Effects.   Read the full Story >>

Let's Continue the Conversation ...

Facebook   Friday December 6, 2019

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Honor Roll: Action-Packed Winners of Red Bull Illume 2019

MY MODERN MET   Thursday December 5, 2019

Every three years, the Red Bull Illume contest showcases the greatest images in sports and action photography. This winners of year’s edition, called Image Quest 2019, do not disappoint, notes My Modern Met. The top prize goes to photographer Ben Thouard for his underwater picture of pro surfer Ace Buchan kicking out through the barrel of a wave during a competition in Teahupo’o, Tahiti in French Polynesia. “Luckily I was right below, breathless with my waterhousing waiting for this moment,” says Thouard.   Read the full Story >>

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