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Artist's Statement: Paula Bronstein Examines the Vulnerable Elderly of Ukraine

By David Schonauer   Tuesday July 23, 2019

War's victims come in all shapes, all ages. Photojournalist Paula Bronstein spent 15 years covering the war in Afghanistan, documenting both tranquil moments of everyday life in the country along with shocking views of the dead and injured, the stricken and the desperate. Her newest project, "Elderly Lives Frozen By Conflict: Ukraine'a War," does the same. The country's conflict with Russia ...   Read the full Story >>

Social News: FaceApp Is Back, Along With Privacy Concerns

THE VERGE   Monday July 22, 2019

FaceApp, a Russia-based app that applies filters to photos, has been spotlight, for good and bad reasons: The app first went viral in 2017, but now it’s catching on because of a filter that makes users look older or younger. However, users have been surprised to learn that the app’s creators are harvesting metadata from their photos. “Russians now own all your old photos,” noted The New York Post in an article. The Democratic National Committee even sent out an alert, reports The New York Times.   Read the full Story >>

Motion Spotlight: Bas Berkhout Profiles Artist Karim Ghidinelli

Vimeo   Monday July 22, 2019

Brooklyn-based photographer and filmmaker Bas Berkhout aims to capture the soul of creativity in his video profiles of artists such as acclaimed doodler Jon Burgerman and photographer Jessica Lehrman. Berkhout’s most recent film focuses on artist Karim Ghidinelli, whose work, Berkhout notes at Vimeo, “is based upon passage, mark, and assurance. Identity is naturally a part of the evolutionary process of the passage; the mark is embodied by his distinctive trace on the page.”   Read the full Story >>

Dept of Ideas: Smashing the Patriarchy of Music Photography with Pop-Up Galleries

Los Angeles Magazine   Monday July 22, 2019

L.A.-based music photographers and friends Courtney Coles and Erica Lauren Perez were tired of always finding themselves in a sea of male photographers at every concert and event they documented. They decided to do something for themselves and other women and non-binary photographers and staged their first gallery show, borrowing a name from the rallying cry of the Riot Grrrl era, “Girls to the front.” Since that first show, they’ve taken the idea on the road, including a recent exhibition in LA.   Read the full Story >>

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