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Spotlight: A Elevated Photo (and Video) Adventure in Peru

By Stephen Koffel   Friday August 31, 2018

While shooting an event in Salt Lake City, photographer Louis Arevalo bumped into Nikki McGee, the founder of Elevated Mountain Guides, a non-profit organization that brings outdoor adventure to under-served communities through education and training. When Arevalo learned that McGee and a small group were heading to Huaraz, Peru, to teach wilderness medicine to climbers and guides. Louis offered his photography services and left ...   Read the full Story >>

State of the Art: Why Meyer Optik Gorlitz Won at Kickstarter but Failed at Life

PetaPixel   Friday August 31, 2018

One of the big stories in the camera industry so far this year has been the bankruptcy of net SE, the German company behind the revival of classic lenses that raised millions of dollars through crowdfunding services such as Kickstarter, notes PetaPixel. Given the enormous sums of money net SE managed to haul in through crowdfunding from thousands of photographers around the world, news of the company’s financial failure undoubtedly came as a shock to many backers. The culprit: not enough capital to ramp up production.     Read the full Story >>

Exhibitions: Sid Grossman, a Photographer of the People

HYPERALLERGIC   Friday August 31, 2018

“A photograph is not merely a substitute for a glance. It is the revelation of new and important facts,” said photographer Sid Grossman, a member of New York’s Photo League whose work, notes Hyperallergic, exposed economic inequality in the city as well as everyday life in the Great Depression Dust Bowl. The exhibition  “Sid Grossman: Photography, Politics, and the Ethical Image,” on view at the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) through Oct. 28, explores the photographer’s life and work from the late 1930s and mid-1940s.   Read the full Story >>

Motion: How to Make a Better Time Lapse

Fstoppers   Friday August 31, 2018

Want to make a better time lapse? A new Fstoppers tutorial suggests using 10-stop neutral-density filters. “For us, the most ideal shutter length for time-lapse photography is right around 2 seconds. This is long enough to blur most people, water, and traffic while still keeping your total time-lapse capture time within a reasonable time of 30 minutes or less. With a strong 10 or 15-stop neutral density filter, you can easily create single exposures of 10 seconds up to a full minute for some dramatic effects,” explains Charleston, S.C.-based photographer Patrick Hall.   Read the full Story >>

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