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Books: A History of Injustice and Hope, Just When We Need It, in "The Good Fight"

By David Schonauer   Friday March 30, 2018

Photographs can be like prisms, revealing different facets of history. The image of an appalling moment or event, of an instance of disgraceful injustice, can, when considered in a different light, also be a beacon of hope. Rick Smolan, the photographer behind the landmark "Day in the Life Of" publishing projects, grew to understand this as he shaped his latest book, "The Good Life ...   Read the full Story >>

Addendum: If This Magazine Picks Your Photo for Its Cover, YOU Pay $430

PetaPixel   Friday March 30, 2018

The U.S.-based Sheeba magazine is currently inviting photographers to apply for the chance to have their work published on its cover. “We can make your dream come true!” declares the magazine. Submitted photos can’t have already been published in your portfolio or social media. If Sheeba chooses your image, you agree to pay the magazine a fee of $430 through PayPal, notes PetaPixel. The good news: That’s a saving 50 percent off the usual fee: The usual price charged to photographers for their work is $860.   Read the full Story >>

Books: The Relationship Between Photographer and Garden

Aperture   Friday March 30, 2018

Photographers have been creating pictures of gardens since the birth of the medium; now a  new book, The Photographer in the Garden (Aperture and the George Eastman Museum), examines what Architectural Digest calls “the relationship between the image and the cultivated landscape.” The allure of gardens as photographic subject is understandable, adds AD: A wide shot can give you a landscape, a close-up of a single blossom can be an abstraction, and and a floral arrangement can provide a still life.    Read the full Story >>

Social News: More Changes Coming to Instagram News Feed

Digital Trends   Friday March 30, 2018

Instagram may not be going back to chronological order in its news feed, but it’s working to keep those weeks-old images from popping up in your feed, notes Digital Trends. Earlier this month Instagram shared a news feed update that will boost newer posts. The social network is also testing a button that will allow users to choose when to refresh the feed. The changes are the first in what Instagram says are some news feed improvements that will happen “over the next few months.”   Read the full Story >>

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