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What We Learned This Week: Photography Heats Up the Art Market

By David Schonauer   Thursday September 28, 2017

Modern and impressionist art is selling for 12 below a 2007 peak. Old masters and 19th-century art are fetching 40 percent less at auctions than before the financial crisis of 2008. But, we learned this week, photography is heating up the art market, with one private bank declaring it the hottest new investment area among collectables. Within that context, we also learned that Christie ...   Read the full Story >>

Stock News: Getty Images Bans Photoshopping to Make Models Look Thinner

DP Review   Thursday September 28, 2017

Getty Images has updated its Creative Stills Submission Requirements to specify that it will no longer accept images of models whose bodies have been edited to look either thinner or larger, reports DP Review. The announcement was made in an email  to Getty contributors. The move comes in response to a new law  in France that requires that Photoshopped weight be clearly labeled. The law, which was passed in 2015, goes into effect starting October 1. Magazines and other entities in France that use altered photos in which alters body shape without proper disclosure face a fine of up to €37,500, or $45,000.   Read the full Story >>

Scam Alert: Phishing Scheme Targets Freelance Photographers

PDNPULSE   Wednesday September 27, 2017

A person falsely identifying himself as a fashion blogger for High Snobiety, the style and culture website, has been soliciting freelance photographers to rip them off in an apparent check-cashing scam. Going by the name of Alan Hurt, the individual has emailed a number of photographers offering them assignments that pay $2,000, including a $500 advance, reports PDN. HypeBeast has also issued an alert about the same scam—or a similar one, warning that someone has been soliciting photographers for HypeBeast fashion shoots under false pretenses.   Read the full Story >>

Resources: A Map Showing Drone Laws Around the World

Google My Maps   Wednesday September 27, 2017

Speaking of laws: Knowing local drone laws is a good idea — in fact, it’s vital. Blogger and frequent traveler Anil Polat has created a useful map of the world detailing the laws of each country; even better, notes PetaPixel, the map is is updated frequently.  Polat has also included links to registration forms and contact information you might need to request permission to fly in each country. And he has included separate laws for U.S. states, along with any area-specific laws found in other countries. The full map is hosted on Google My Maps.   Read the full Story >>

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