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What We Learned This Week: An Instant Icon of Flooded Texas and a Faked Eclipse

By David Schonauer   Thursday August 31, 2017

Waters were still rising in southeastern Texas when an image of elderly women in a nursing home surrounded by waist-deep flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey stunned viewers on social media Sunday morning and prompted an emergency evacuation of the facility. By Monday the photo, taken by the woman who owns the nursing home in Dickinson, TX, and posted by her son-in-law in Florida, became ...   Read the full Story >>

Artisans: This Woman Paints Backdrops for Top Photographers

Peter Hurley   Wednesday August 30, 2017

You may not have heard of Sarah Oliphant, but you’ve probably seen the backdrops she paints: They appear in photographs by the likes of Annie Leibovitz and other top portrait photographers. One of them, Peter Hurley, has interviewed Oliphant about her work. Watch it at YouTube. “A good backdrop will make it easier to make a good photograph, but it’s no guarantee,” says Oliphant. “You still have to know what you’re doing. Just because you have an iPhone doesn’t make you a good photographer.”   Read the full Story >>

In Print: The History and Art of Japanese Photo Books

British Journal of Photography   Wednesday August 30, 2017

During the 20th century Japan was transformed from a country with limited interaction with the outside world into an international economic powerhouse. “It is in photobooks we saw the 20th century unfolding,” notes collector Manfred Heiting, who spent six years editing The Japanese Photobook, 1912-1990,  a new survey from Steidl. “It is intended to show the development of the Japanese photobooks and publishing, how it relates to the cultural development of the country,” Heiting tells the British Journal of Photography.   Read the full Story >>

Industry News: 5 Organizations Align to Diversify Photojournalism, Launch Survey

PDNPULSE   Wednesday August 30, 2017

Five organizations committed to making the photojournalism community more inclusive are joining forces under an umbrella group called Reclaim, notes PDN. The organizations are  Women Photograph, The Everyday Projects, the new photo agency Native, Majority World and the yet-to-be-launched publication Minority Report. The first step is a survey asking photojournalists, photo editors, curators and other members of the photojournalism community around the world about their work and career paths. Go here  to find the survey.   Read the full Story >>

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