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Trending: The Rise and Fall of Social Media Influencers

DIGIDAY   Tuesday May 31, 2016

Social media influencers, who get paid by brands to photograph and promote products, have become a powerful part of the advertising ecosystem in the past several years. But, notes Digiday, the heyday of the influencer may be over. “We threw too much money at them and did it too quickly,” confesses a social media executive. “[I]n 2014, they were making $500 to show up and take some photos. Then it became $1,500. Now it’s hundreds of thousands of dollars. They no longer value their art.”   Read the full Story >>

In Focus: Looking for Justice in Juarez

feature shoot   Tuesday May 31, 2016

Having grown up in the Los Angeles area, photographer Gabriel Romero  was aware of the killing of women in Juarez, Mexico. But until he visited Juarez in 2014, he didn’t know the extent of the femicide there: According to Amnesty International, between 1993 and 2005, some 370 women were reported to have been murdered, and this figure doubled between 2005 to 2011, notes Feature Shoot. In his series “Lost Daughters of Juarez,” Romero documents the quest for justice of families who lost loved ones to the violence.   Read the full Story >>

State of the Art: Is This iPhone-Only Pro Sports Photography's Future?

TechCrunch   Tuesday May 31, 2016

Brad Mangin  has been a professional sports photographer for over two decades, during which he’s shot Super Bowls, World Series, and Olympics. For most of that time he used a DSLR, while experimenting with his iPhone. He even published a book of iPhone sports photos featuring the San Francisco Giants. Now Mangin is shooting sports exclusively with his iPhone 6s Plus, notes TechCrunch, which explains how he works — and why his social strategy is working.   Read the full Story >>

Art News: Sale Brings Peter Beard Back to Prominence

Art Market Monitor   Tuesday May 31, 2016

Peter Beard is back: Beard’s collage “Heart Attack City” came within a hair’s breadth of setting a new record for the artist when it sold for $634,000 at Christie’s during London’s otherwise largely forgettable recent photography auctions. Art Market Monitor calls the price for the Beard collage “a surprise showing.” Bloomberg  recently explained Beard’s appeal to collectors: “When Peter Beard includes famous people in his art, chances are he actually knew them. That’s certainly true in ‘Heart Attack City.’”   Read the full Story >>

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