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Reources: The Top Five Places to Showcase Your 360-Degree Videos

nofilmschool   Thursday June 7, 2018

With 360-degree cameras becoming more affordable and more websites and apps natively supporting 360 photo and video playback, NoFilmSchool looks at some of the best places to distribute your work. Evaluations were made by comparing the cost, ease of use, discoverability, maximum upload resolution, and overall user experience of sites. Among the winners: Vimeo 360, VeeR, and Visbit.   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: Zeiss's New "Supreme Primes"

DIYPhotography   Thursday June 14, 2018

With camera image sensors growing beyond the Super 35mm size, Zeiss has announced a new line of lenses designed to cover larger formats, notes NoFilmSchool. The new line, called Supreme Primes, consists of 13 lenses with focal lengths between 15mm to 200mm. Beyond giving Zeiss quality on full-frame sensors, the lenses are light weight, coming in at roughly 1600 grams, or between three and four pounds, for most of the lineup. “This is huge” for cinematographers, adds NFS. DIY Photography has more.   Read the full Story >>

Screening Room: Meet the Medieval Martha Stewart

Vimeo   Thursday June 14, 2018

Josh Brock’s taste in home decor runs to mid-century modern — the century being 1200. Brock, subject of a short documentary from director Taylor Hawkins, has been making old-fashioned weapons of war since childhood, and today the walls of his apartment in Lakewood, Washington, are lined with knives, swords and battle axes. He calls himself the “Midieval Martha Stewart.” As you’ll seen, having a character like that is a good thing for a filmmaker.   Read the full Story >>

Insight: How to Sustain a Documentary Filmmaking Career

nofilmschool   Thursday June 14, 2018

Besides finding an interesting subject, there are other things to keep in mind when you shoot a documentary. NoFilmSchool attended the recent Oregon Doc Camp  and came away with some insights — particularly about career sustainability. Why this is important: According to The State of the Documentary Field, a 2016 Survey of Documentary Industry Members, only 22 percent of documentary professionals say they're able to make their primary living from documentary filmmaking. Insight number one: Create a lifestyle that works with your career goals.   Read the full Story >>

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