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Tell Us About Your Motion Projects ...

Facebook   Thursday January 25, 2018

We’re eager to learn about your motion projects and to feature them here in the Motion Arts Pro edition of Pro Photo Daily. Looking for feedback on a work in progress? Do you have a finished piece you’d like the world to know about, or a Kickstarter project? Please contact me (button at top) to get in touch. Be sure to check out the Motion Arts Pro Facebook page, too. You can find an archive of Motion Arts Pro posts here and a look at the best of some of our posts on Flipboard. Follow me on Twitter @davidschonauer.   Read the full Story >>

Spotlight: Focusing On the Moments that Make High-Rise Buildings Rise

By David Schonauer   Wednesday August 8, 2018

A high-rise building on the rise can appear as a farrago of enterprise and motion. "The massive scale of these projects makes them seem remote, inhuman, forbidding, but then when you look closely, you see they're all built by teams of individual people," says San Francisco-based commercial and editorial photographer Ian Tuttle, who has occasionally found himself on assignment at high-rise construction sites ...   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: Spotlights Filmmakers; Comes of Age

CINEMA 5D   Thursday August 9, 2018, a video review and collaboration platform, has proven to be a filmmaker-friendly post-production resource, and now, notes NoFilmSchool, it is spotlighting filmmakers with the Masters Series, a new short video series focusing on the personal stories and triumphs of filmmakers and modern tech. Meanwhile, Cinema 5D looks at another video collaboration platform,, and likes what it sees.   Read the full Story >>

Documentary: Little Nora, the Banjo Prodigy

Vimeo   Thursday August 9, 2018

You don’t find many 12-year-old girls playing century-old banjo music that bridges cultural and geographical boundaries. Little Nora Brown, however, is a preteen Kentucky-style claw hammer picking prodigy. And she’s the subject of a short documentary from filmmaker Joshua Z Weinstein, who notes that Nora is “redefining what a young musician can and can’t do.” Says Nora, “Most of the songs I play are by people who are dead.”   Read the full Story >>

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