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On View: Seeking New Perspectives with an Experimental Aircraft

Vimeo   Thursday March 8, 2018

Two noted explorers and photographers, Chris Burkard  and Renan Ozturk  of the Camp 4 Collective, have teamed to make a short film about another explorer and photographer — Chris Dahl-Bredine, who built an experiment aircraft in his garage “in order,” note the directors, “to bring a new perspective to his life and creative vision.” The film, with specular cinematography, charts the course of a man who since childhood has wanted to look down from above.   Read the full Story >>

Tutorial: Why You Should Learn to Edit as You Shoot

PremiumBeat   Thursday March 8, 2018

If you’re shooting a run-and-gun project, you should learn how to edit as you go, advises the PremiumBeat blog. Easier said than done: “The trick is to find a way to shoot with the open-eyed wonder of a cinematographer, combined with the pessimistic censor of a pragmatic editor,” notes the website. Tips: Take copious notes, mark shots in camera, shoot interviews before b-roll, and start and end with your strongest shots.   Read the full Story >>

Screening Room: Being Human with William Wegman

Vimeo   Thursday March 8, 2018

“Most people know me as the ‘dog photographer,’” says William Wegman in this short artist profile from production company Great Big Story. For the past 45 years, Wegman has been photographing weimaraners in various guises that manage to capture the foibles of humans in scenes that are both whimsical and profound. His muses now include two dogs, Flo and Topper, who are part of his off-screen human family. Or is he part of theirs?   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: AbelCine's Field of View (FOV) Comparator Tool 2.0

News Shooter   Thursday March 8, 2018

With so many different lenses and cameras now available, finding the right lens that covers a certain camera and resolution can be tricky. AbelCine’s FOV Tool 2.0, an update to the original and very popular FOV (field of view) Comparator, allows you to compare camera and lens combinations, including a variety of sensor sizes, recording resolutions, and aspect ratios, notes News Shooter. The latest version allows you to select a specific recording mode on one camera, and then compare it directly against another.   Read the full Story >>

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