Spotlight: Two Mesmerizing Timelapses and a Supercut for the DIY Ages

By David Schonauer   Wednesday August 18, 2021

Counting sheep might put some people to sleep.

But counting the sheep in Israeli drone photographer Lior Patel’s recent timelapse might mesmerize you.

Patel spent seven months following and filming a herd of between 1,000 and 1,700 sheep, along with accompanying dogs and humans, by flying a drone over the Peace Valley region of Yokneam in Israel.

“It’s a fascinating and hypnotic video, and very different from most of the others we see blasting across our screens these days – particularly from drones,” noted PetaPixel, which reports that Patel shot with a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone as the sheep were herded from a the winter grazing ground to summer pasture.

The Haifa-based photographer’s captivating video, added Colossal, “shows the animals racing across the agricultural landscape and down roadways in robust, heaving masses.” The accelerated footage, added the website, “attests to the drove’s shape-shifting instincts, which resembles other naturally occurring patterns like a flowing current or mesmerizing starling murmurations.”

Patel told Colossal that he captured most scenes from a fixed camera position, with each shot showing between four and seven minutes of movement. “The first challenge is to understand the elasticity of the herd during the movement, its dispersal during grazing, and how it converges into one tight pack towards exit/return from pasture and crossing roads and paths,” he said.

Not all that into sheep? Today we also feature a Live Nest Box 2021 timelapse showing a birdhouse in  the town of Loughborough in Leicestershire, UK, as it goes from empty to first egg in eight minutes. “The British Trust for Ornithology states that blue tits typically spend between one and two weeks building their nest, but the female seen in this time-lapse spent nearly 7 weeks building hers,” noted PetaPixel.

“Blue tits are famously not picky about where they establish their home, and once they’ve established a suitable nest, they’ll develop a strong attachment to it and continually return to it,” added PP.

Today’s video closeup also includes a supercut we ran across recently that shows just how DIY crazy the internet is. The hilarious video by Johnny Kelly was a Vimeo Staff Pick

Want to know about the two types of tonality in Western music? How to pick up girls at a bar? How to make a homemade junk robot? How to send a fax to Sweden? How to make a dirty or grubby looking candle? Yes, somewhere out there, someone is ready to give you a lesson.

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