David Schonauer

Nature Watch: Capturing Flowers Blooming ... and The Prairie Wind

By David Schonauer   Tuesday December 18, 2018

Time lapses can be deconstructed by the numbers: For instance, Slovakian photographer Majo Chudy's three-minute video "Flowers Blooming 2" is composed of 24,626 images from a total of 40,000 shots captured over a nine-month period. But numbers don't convey the astonishing beauty of the final video, which we feature today. We also feature director Martin Lisius's "Prairie Wind," a ...   Read the full Story >>

Spotlight: Two Videos Made with Photos ... Lots of Photos

By David Schonauer   Wednesday December 12, 2018

Mike Olbinski's latest storm time lapse is epic. Olbinski is known for chasing severe weather across the west and producing videos made of thousand of still images, particularly in his series "Monsoon." For the most recent addition to the series, "Monsoon V," Olbinski traveled 15,000 miles and used 85,000 images to create a stunning eight-minute video. Today we also feature the ...   Read the full Story >>

How To: Fly a Drone for Filmmaking, Use "Negative Fill," Master Dynamic Range, Shoot Real Estate Video, and More

By David Schonauer   Monday December 3, 2018

Who wants to shoot aerial video footage with a drone? Everyone. Drones can help you create dynamic establishing shots, mimic traditional filmmaking tools like jibs, sliders, and Steadicams -- adding a lot of production value without costing a ton of money. That's why we're including a tutorial for beginner drone pilots in today's roundup of filmmaking tips. You'll also learn about ...   Read the full Story >>

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