Spotlight: Two Videos Made with Photos ... Lots of Photos

By David Schonauer   Wednesday December 12, 2018

Mike Olbinski’s latest storm time lapse is epic.

Olbinski is known for chasing severe weather across the west and producing videos made of thousand of still images. We’ve featured his work a number of times here at PPD, including his series Monsoon. The newest addition to the series, Monsoon V, noted DIY Photography recently, took an incredible amount of effort, money, and photos to put together

Oblinski spent three months chasing storms, during which he traveled 15,000 miles. The final eight-minute video was created from 85,000 still images.

“My original plan this past summer was to collect as much footage as normal, but to not put out a Monsoon V until 2019 when I had two years worth of crazy haboobs and lightning to make it truly spectacular,” notes Olbinki. “But the monsoon had different plans and put on a pretty dang good show in 2018, starting off with a decent dust storm on July 5th, then the best haboob chase I've ever had on July 9th, an epic green hail core on July 11th and finally another fantastic dust storm day on August 2nd.”

Here is the video:

Olbinksi shot the images with two Canon 5DS R DSLRs and various Canon lenses, though he adds that there “[m]ight be a couple lightning sequences with the Sony a 7R III mirrorless cameras."

“I love doing these films so much,” he notes. “So much hard work for months on end goes into capturing them. Almost 15,000 miles this summer across Arizona. 85,000+ frames with plenty more deleted. A total of 32 days out there chasing over three months. Sleep deprivation, tons of gas money, crappy food and yes, sometimes missing storms I wish I had been on.”

But, he adds, “the highs were amazing. Chasing with my kiddos...sharing the July 9th haboob bonanza with Lyla and Eli...or an all-night chase with my youngest, Asher. They were so awesome to have along.”

Meanwhile, PetaPixel recently spotlighted the music video for the song “UnAmerican” by the indie rock band Said The Whale. The unique stop-motion project was created by hand without digital effects: It features 2,250 separate photo prints rephotographed over a period of 80 hours.

Here is the video:

After filming the band performing the song, director Johnny Jansen spent $680 on printing out 2,250 of the frames on regular paper with a laser printer. With a crew of 6 people, Jansen then painstakingly photographed each print in a new photo to create the stop-motion video, notes PP.

“We timed out the entire video as an animatic well before we started shooting,” Jansen writes. “I also embedded the time code on the bottom right corner of each photo that synced up with our stop motion software. The problem was that the time code was so small we could barely read it so we almost lost our place a few times.”

All the effort paid off, adds PetaPixel: In the first three days after the video was uploaded to YouTube, it received over 125,000 views.


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