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Insight: Moving from Photography to Cinematography

FILMMAKER   Thursday April 27, 2017

“[W]hen you take a photo, you wait for the moment to happen. With film, you set-up the moment you want to happen. Lighting becomes a massive task where you need to have a vast amount of knowledge about building light and blocking light to set the tone for the scene.” So says Sherry McCracken, DP of the American Gothic television series, in an interview with Filmmaker. McCracken discusses moving from photography to cinematography, what she’d do differently in her career, and how lighter cameras make it possible for more women to work as cinematographers.    Read the full Story >>

State of the Art: Bringing Tornados to Life with Massive GIFs

Mike Hollingshead   Thursday April 27, 2017

In 1999, Mike Hollingshead quit his job at a Cargill factory in Blair, Nebraska, to become a full-time storm chaser. Hollingshead spends his down time creating storm-photography tutorials and building gifs, notes Time LightBox, which recently featured a number of the moving stills. “It took some time, ok a lot of time, but I finally figured out how to do these from single photographs.  Not a sequence of stills, just one single still.  Done entirely in photoshop,” writes Hollingshead at his website, where he explains how he created them.   Read the full Story >>

Tech News: This Drone Flies and Floats

DIYPhotography   Thursday April 27, 2017

If you’re thinking of shooting aerial photos or video from a drone platform over a body of water, the Swellpro Drone  may be just what you need, since they both fly and float. Designed primarily for fishermen, the Swellpro comes in two main versions — the waterproof Splash Drone Fisherman ($1,399) and Splash Drone Auto version ($1,599); The Auto version is a bit more filmmaker friendly and includes a waterproof GoPro gimbal, notes PetaPixel. Instead of fishing, you can use it for shooting under water, says DIY Photography.   Read the full Story >>

Screening Room: The Profane, Gay Country Singer With a Mind of His Own

Short of the Week   Thursday April 27, 2017

Patrick Haggerty is a country singer, but not your normal country singer, as his 1973 album “Lavender Country” made clear. Haggerty is the subject of a short documentary from director Dan Taberski called These C*cksucking Tears, which, notes Short of the Week, reflects on a life “defined by being an outsider and learning to be comfortable with who you are despite a societal unwillingness to do the same.” The film is a standout largely because of Haggerty himself — a soft-spoken yet profane man with an uncanny self-awareness of who he is, adds SOTW.   Read the full Story >>

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