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MAP Master Series: Lucas Gilman's Quest for Adventure

By Jeff Wignall   Wednesday April 26, 2017

For most of us the idea of trekking for days to a remote jungle waterfall to capture kayakers plunging into the river below or flying to Iceland to shoot surfers on remote ice-strewn beaches would seem like the adventure of a lifetime. For filmmaker, photographer and G-Technology G-TEAM member Lucas Gilman, it's pretty much another day at the office. For today's MAP ...   Read the full Story >>

Insight: How to Edit Video on a Smartphone

D4Darious   Wednesday April 26, 2017

You may well be using your smartphone to shoot video. But are you using it to edit that video as well? YouTuber Darious Britt’s latest tutorial shows you how to edit YouTube videos, vlogs and films using a trio of apps — PowerDirector, VideoShow and WeVideo. While they’re not as fully featured as programs like Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve, they work very well, adds DIY Photography.   Read the full Story >>

See It Now: Watch This Artist Capture the Beauty of a Walmart

The Atlantic   Wednesday April 26, 2017

The short documentary Brendan O’Connell Is Blocking the Bread Aisle focuses on artist Brendan O’Connell as creates a portrait of America by going into Walmart stores to paint the aisles and the people he sees.  “The New Yorker had just run an article about O'Connell's project and Walmart gave us permission to shoot in a Connecticut store. We were not exactly big Walmart shoppers, but suspected it would be a different opportunity,” note directors Julien Lasseur and Jamie Thalman at The Atlantic.   Read the full Story >>

Tech News, 3: Sigma Announces 14mm T2 and 135mm T2 Cine Prime Lenses

DP Review   Wednesday April 26, 2017

Just in time for NAB, Sigma has announced an expansion of its Cine Prime line of lenses, adding the Cine High Speed 14mm T2 and the Cine FF High Speed 135mm T2, notes DP Review. The new lenses are designed for use with full-frame cameras and join five existing prime lenses in Sigma's Cine Prime product line. Sigma now offers cine prime lenses covering a  focal length range of 14mm to 135mm.   Read the full Story >>

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