David Schonauer

Trending: The Unknown Beauty of Afro-Mexicans

By David Schonauer   Monday March 19, 2018

Until three years, Afro-Mexicans didn't officially exist. It wasn't until a 2015 census that Mexico acknowledged the 1.38 million citizens of African descent living in the country, and, noted the British Journal of Photography recently, despite that belated recognition, Afro-Mexican people remain on the fringes of Mexican society. BJP spotlighted Cecile Smetana Baudier, a French Danish photographer whose series "Diaspora; Costa ...   Read the full Story >>

Spotlight: Carlos Becerra Captures the Cult of Maria Lionza

By David Schonauer   Monday March 12, 2018

In 2014, Caracas-based photographer Carlos Becerra began traveling to Sorte, the mountain in western Venezuela that is home to the cult of Maria Lionza, a deity with indigenous, African and Christian roots whose followers can be found throughout Venezuelan society. For some, the religion, a sort of Santeria in which devotees enter trancelike states and perform traditional rituals like walking on embers, can seem ...   Read the full Story >>

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