David Schonauer

Spotlight: Carloman Macidiano Cespedes Riojas's Artful Autobiography

By David Schonauer   Monday February 26, 2018

"Photography has been my medicine to cure the heart." So says Carloman Macidiano Cespedes Riojas, a Peru-born photographer who for the past 13 years has lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Cespedes Riojas creates images that, he says, are inspired by real events in his life, one of which has been honored as a finalist in the 2017 Sony World Photography Awards and as a ...   Read the full Story >>

Spotlight: Oliver Herrera Photographs a Victim of Police Violence in Venezuela

By David Schonauer   Monday February 12, 2018

Last June, Venezuelan photographer Oliver Herrera shot a remarkable portrait of a young woman named Kim, who had recently been injured by police during student protests against the Venezuela government. "She just was trying to help an injured student on the floor when a policemen shot her with pellets in her arms and head," says Herrera. Kim, who had modeled for Herrera previously, asked ...   Read the full Story >>

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