David Schonauer

Mexican Horsemen by Anja Bruehling

By David Schonauer   Monday July 17, 2017

The sport is a living history, notes Anja Bruehling: "During the Charreada -- contemporary Mexican rodeo -- contending teams show off ranching skills," she says. "Horses are agile, well-tempered and execute the commands of their charros, who wear traditional riding suite and wide-brimmed sombreros as part of the cultural iconography like bronco riding and roping." Bruehling, a documentary photographer based in Chicago, has worked in more ...   Read the full Story >>

Susan Bank's Unvarnished View of Life in Havana

By David Schonauer   Sunday July 2, 2017

One day, Susan Bank wants to enter the port of Havana by sea -- "Floating in on a ferry, passing El Morrow, or perhaps sailing in on a tall ship driven by my mariner sons." Bank, a self-described "snapshot shooter" until she become a committed photographer at age 60 after taking workshops with Mary Ellen Mark in Oaxaca, Mexico, and David Alan Harvey and Canstantine ...   Read the full Story >>

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