David Schonauer

Adeline Lulo Looks at Family Life in the Dominican Republic

By David Schonauer   Monday July 31, 2017

Adeline Lulo was born in Washington Heights, New York, and raised in the Bronx. But she spent her childhood summers in the Dominican Republic, where her family came from. "The Dominican Republic is a place I call home," she says. "I couldn't explain it, but I understood that my life in the Dominican Republic was very different from my life in New York ...   Read the full Story >>

Mexican Horsemen by Anja Bruehling

By David Schonauer   Monday July 17, 2017

The sport is a living history, notes Anja Bruehling: "During the Charreada -- contemporary Mexican rodeo -- contending teams show off ranching skills," she says. "Horses are agile, well-tempered and execute the commands of their charros, who wear traditional riding suite and wide-brimmed sombreros as part of the cultural iconography like bronco riding and roping." Bruehling, a documentary photographer based in Chicago, has worked in more ...   Read the full Story >>

Susan Bank's Unvarnished View of Life in Havana

By David Schonauer   Sunday July 2, 2017

One day, Susan Bank wants to enter the port of Havana by sea -- "Floating in on a ferry, passing El Morrow, or perhaps sailing in on a tall ship driven by my mariner sons." Bank, a self-described "snapshot shooter" until she become a committed photographer at age 60 after taking workshops with Mary Ellen Mark in Oaxaca, Mexico, and David Alan Harvey and Canstantine ...   Read the full Story >>

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