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Dispatches from Latin America: Peru's Changing Landscapes

TIME LightBox   Tuesday May 23, 2017

Peru’s modern geographical landscape is as complex as its politics, with a rapid economic expansion that has nonetheless left almost half the population in the bottom socioeconomic class, notes Times LightBox, which features photographer Eduardo Hirose's images of a country in the throes of transformation. Hirose has spent the last three years documenting everything from from Lima’s skyscrapers to the maze of mines in Pasco and Cajamarca.    Read the full Story >>

Enter Latin American Fotografia 6

AI-AP   Tuesday May 16, 2017

Entries are being accepted for the Latin American Fotografia 6 competition through June 21, one of the premier global showcases for Latin American photography. The contest is open to Latin American citizens living anywhere, including Puerto Rico, Cuba, México, Belice, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Guyanas, Surinam, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and citizens of Spain and Portugal. Everyone living or studying in Latin America, regardless of nationality, may enter. Go here  for more.   Read the full Story >>

Capturing the Determined Faces of FARC

The New Yorker   Tuesday May 16, 2017

“In her remarkable photo essay 'From the Shadows to the Light,' the French photographer Nadège Mazars has emulated the chiaroscuro of the Italian painter Caravaggio to evoke the transition that is under way in Colombia following fifty-two years of civil war,” notes Jon Lee Anderson at The New Yorker. Mazars’s portraits of former FARC fighters now being reintegrated into Colombian society captures the determination of the fighters to carry on fighting for political ideals, writes Anderson.   Read the full Story >>

In Focus: Caught Between Zika and the Law

LensCulture   Wednesday May 3, 2017

El Salvador’s women have been told to abstain from pregnancy for two years due to the Zika virus, and yet they live in a country where rape is rampant, abortions result in decades of jail time, and even legitimate miscarriages are penalized, notes LensCulture, which recently featured photographer Nadia Shira Cohen’s report on the situation. Cohen, who avoided contracting Zika while pregnant in Brazil, felt compelled to speak out against El Salvador’s life-at-conception laws.   Read the full Story >>

Dispatches from Latin America