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In Focus: Survivors of South America's Longest Armed Conflict

LensCulture   Wednesday January 18, 2017

With a peace agreement is close, the decades-long armed conflict in Colombia seems closer to an end. But, notes Colombian photographer Charlie Cordero, a peace treaty won't erase everything that has happened. “While some places have carried on for decades, blissfully unaware, others have been ravaged,” he writes at LensCulture. Cordero has documented survivors of the longest armed conflict in the Americas — a testimony, he notes, to 50 years of grinding, terrifying war.   Read the full Story >>

Portfolio: Guillermo Gonzalez Reconsiders the Family Portrait

Lens/cratch   Wednesday January 18, 2017

Chilean photographer and filmmaker Guillermo González  has spent the past three years considering the family portrait – its history, its context, and its legacy, notes Aline Smithson at the Lens/cratch blog. The result is González’s series “Domestico” (“Domestic”). “These analog documents replicate the history of the formal portrait and share the notion that the truth behind a portrait is murky,” writes Smithson. “I was struck by the intimate nature of these photographs, revealing clues of lives lived.”   Read the full Story >>

Exhibitions: A Closer Look at "Los Diez" at MOLAA

The Creators Project   Wednesday January 18, 2017

Earlier this month, we spotlighted the exhibition “Los Diez: Selections from Latin American Fotografia and Illustration” at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, California, which features winning work from AI-AP's juried competitions for art and photography from and about Latin America. In a recent post, the Creators Project blog noted that the group exhibition provides a glimpse of the best Latin American artists working today — and view of the the cultural history and social landscape of Latin America. TCP singles out work by photographers Justin Negard, Peter Bauza, and Kim Badawi, as well as illustrations by Alejo Porras and Peter Kuper (see below). The exhibition runs through Jan. 22.   Read the full Story >>

Latin American Ilustracion: Peter Kuper

By David Schonauer   Wednesday January 18, 2017

American illustrator and comics artist Peter Kuper is best known for his autobiographical, political and social observations, all of which were on display in his 2015 book "Ruins," a graphic novel about a married couple living in Mexico. The plot mirrors Kuper's own life - he lived in Oaxaca, Mexico, with his wife and daughter from 2006 to 2008. During that time, Kuper and ...   Read the full Story >>

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