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Books: Mexico's Festival of Exploding Sledgehammers

The New Yorker   Wednesday December 21, 2016

Every February, the small Mexican town of San Juan de la Vega commemorates a four-century-old battle — supposedly between a wealthy miner and bandits who made off with his gold —with a fiery celebration: Hundreds of local men strap homemade explosives made of potassium chlorate fertilizer to the heads of sledgehammers and slam them against lengths of steel rail. Last February, American photographer Thomas Prior was at the testosterone-fueled festival, notes the New Yorker. His book Bomba  is the result.   Read the full Story >>

Cuba, 2,: Everyday Fidel

The New York Times   Wednesday December 21, 2016

Amassed over the past 35 years, Cuban-born photographer Ramiro Fernández’s collection of images captures the vernacular and the commonplace of Cuban imagery — and, notes photographer Ana Dopico at the New York Times, his file on the late Fidel Castro is no exception. “The most constant revelation is recognizing Fidel among Cubans and not above them, mixing with people, forming part of a group,” Dopico writes, adding, that this Fidel “belongs to something bigger than himself.”   Read the full Story >>

Cuba, 1: Bidding Farewell to Fidel

The Washington Post   Wednesday December 21, 2016

Fidel Castro, Cuba’s longtime leader, died on November 26. His funeral took place in Santiago de Cuba on December 4 after a four-day procession through his island nation. National Geographic photographer David Guttenfelder tracked the procession, traveling either just ahead of or just behind it. “It was definitely a subdued event,” he tells Nat Geo’s Proof blog. The Washington Post, meanwhile, features a moving selection of images by photojournalist Alejandro Cegarra, who captured the emotions of the thousands of people bidding farewell to Castro. “I am Fidel! I am Fidel!” crowds chanted.   Read the full Story >>

Latin American Ilustracion: Zansky

By David Schonauer   Wednesday December 21, 2016

Sao Paulo, Brazil-based illustrator and graphic artist Zansky also owns and runs Editions de Zaster, an artisanal publishing company that often makes use of alternative and historical printing processes for posters, engravings and its own publications. When he was approached to illustrate a book of poetic short stories focused on the theme of outer space, he proposed that he also print the book. "That ...   Read the full Story >>

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