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Everyday Latin America: Cesar Morejon

Everyday Latin America   Wednesday September 28, 2016

Quito, Ecuador-based photographer Cesar Morejon’s beautiful Everyday Latin America portrait of a student resting under a tent at the Rosa Zarate school in Río Chico, Manabí, is a study in color and character. Morejon studied design at the Catholic University of Ecuador, where he acquired a taste for documentary photography. After working as a photojournalist for the newspaper El Comercio, he launched a freelance career shooting documentary projects and working for local magazines.   Read the full Story >>

See It Now: Marking the Anniversary of Mexican Abductions

The Huffington Post   Wednesday September 28, 2016

This week marks the second anniversary of the abductions of 43 students from a teachers college in Mexico. As the New York Times  notes, the country is still looking for the truth behind the disappearances. Photojournalist Emily Pederson  was living in the southern Mexican city of Chiapas when the students went missing and was moved to go to the school they had attended. The Huffington Post features images she made as a response to the crime and her own experiences.   Read the full Story >>

In Focus: Short of Food, Venezuelans Abandon Pets

The Atlantic   Wednesday September 28, 2016

As Venezuela’s economic and social crisis worsens, the Atlantic’s In Focus blog features work by Reuters photographer Carlos Garcia Rawlins and Associated Press photographer Fernando Llano, who document how food shortages are forcing many Venezuelans to abandon their dogs and cats in parks, shelters, and private clinics. Pet owners say the price of dog food “has more than doubled in recent months to $2 a pound, more than a day's pay for those earning the minimum wage,” reports AP.   Read the full Story >>

Exhibitions, 2: Star Montana at UCLA's Chicago Studies Center

UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center   Wednesday September 28, 2016

The work of photographer Star Montana, a past winner  of the Latin American Fotografia competition, has been on view at the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center Library in Los Angeles and closes today. “Exposing states of sensitivity, loss, and salvation, Star Montana reassembles her family history through the layering of different emotions associated with poverty, the loss of her mother, and socioeconomic struggles that are not only personal but also regionally and nationally applicable,” notes the Center.   Read the full Story >>

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