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On View: Rituals of the Afro-Cuban Undergound

The New Yorker   Wednesday June 29, 2016

In recent years the Italian artist Nicola Lo Calzo has documented members of the African diaspora in such places as Louisiana, Haiti, and the archipelago of Guadeloupe. His new series “Regla” is a celebration of Afro-descended forms of cultural expression in contemporary Cuba. He photographed the elderly leaders of Carnival groups and other groups, capturing, for instance, the sacred liturgies of Afro-Caribbean religions, including Santería, or Regla de Ocha, notes the New Yorker.   Read the full Story >>

On Location: American Confederate History Lives On in Brazil

The New York Times   Wednesday June 29, 2016

Another recent travel story, this one in the New York Times, featured photographs by Mario Tama of Getty Images, who journeyed to the interior of Brazil to document a curious place: Santa Bárbara d’Oeste, a small town in São Paulo state where the American confederacy — complete with “stars and bars” flags, southern fried chicken and bands playing “Dixie” — lives on. The town is home to descendants of American confederates lured south in the 1870s by Brazil’s Emperor Dom Pedro II.   Read the full Story >>

Books: Colombia Captured with Polaroids

Slate   Wednesday June 29, 2016

International news about Colombia is often focused on stories about drug trafficking, crime and civil war. But that’s not the country you’ll find in photographer Matthew O’Brien’s book No Dar Papaya: Fotografías de Colombia 2003-2013, due for US release in July. O’Brien’s collection of Polaroids, made over the course of a decade, form a quiet, tender portrait of Colombia and its people. “Polaroid offered a different way of working, a more deliberate approach to shooting,” he tells Slate.   Read the full Story >>

Everyday Latin America: Tatiana Fernandez Geara's Dominican Landscape

Everyday Latin America   Wednesday June 29, 2016

A woman stands alone outside her home, looking away, toward something unknown, dwarfed by the immensity of the landscape surrounding her. The scene, captured by Dominican photographer Tatiana Fernández Geara  and published recently at the Everyday Latin America Instagram account, is as emotional as it is beautiful. The photographer notes that she shot the photo in Puerto Escondido, Independencia, a province in the southern part of the Dominican Republic. Fernández studied fashion in Milan and later received her masters degree in documentary photography from the University of Missouri. She returned to the DR, she notes, “to keep telling stories.”   Read the full Story >>

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