Peggy Roalf

The DART Interview Invite

By Peggy Roalf   Friday January 10, 2020

Working with books—creating, producing, selling, husbanding, archiving—is a dream come true. I can attest to that: my own habit began in childhood when I ran away from home for the first time at age 4.5 and headed straight for the library. I read everything I could get my hands on, from books and magazines to the Sears catalog that resided in the bathroom. I ...   Read the full Story >>

Mathieu Renard's Art-and-Photo-bookcases

By Peggy Roalf   Wednesday September 10, 2014

Q: What do you like about your art and photobookcases; Are they what you have always wanted or is there room for improvement? A: The reason I like my bookcases is the same as why I hate them a bit too. I have had several bookcases, of various types and designs, over the years. They are located in several places in my house, and that doesn’t make ...   Read the full Story >>

Deirdre Donohue's Photobookcases

By Peggy Roalf   Wednesday August 13, 2014

Q: What is special about your bookcases? In 2009 we were searching for a new place in Harlem, and when I first saw the living room I had an extreme “EUREKA!” moment because there was an uninterrupted 28-foot wall, 11 feet high, with no windows! To me, it looked like the perfect place for wall-to-wall shelves to organize my art books, protecting them from ...   Read the full Story >>

The Conveyor Arts Photobookcases

By Peggy Roalf   Wednesday August 6, 2014

Q: What you like about your bookcases? A: I like the bookshelves at Conveyor Arts’ studio because we built them ourselves; we made sketches, went to the local lumberyard and found a beautiful tone of oak. We used a saw, hammer, nails, and some friends (coaxed by some beer and pizza) to put them together. Q: Are they everything you every wanted or is ...   Read the full Story >>

Bruno Ceschel's Photobookcases

By Peggy Roalf   Wednesday July 30, 2014

Today DART launches the 2014 Summer Invitational: Pimp Your Photobookcases, in which publishers, educators, and a librarian show their stuff. The matter that directs their lives, inspires dreams, and the occasional nightmare—photobooks—requires considerable effort to wrangle into order. Today Bruno Ceschel, founder of Self Publish, Be Happy, opens the doors to his office and home. Q: How you organize your photobooks? Do you have a system? A: ...   Read the full Story >>