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The 2015 Summer Book Prize Contest!

By Peggy Roalf   Wednesday July 29, 2015

OK readers, I've probably been wondering when the DART Book Prize Contest would be back. Well, this is your week. It's always nice to steal a day at the beach on a workday, especially when it's as hot in NYC as it's been. So give this a try: Where in France am I? Correctly identify my exact location and get into the …   Read the full Story >>

DC: Inside the Cauldron

By David Butow   Wednesday December 19, 2018

David Butow, whose shot from Nelson Mandela’s funeral made the cover of AP30, is a frequent contributor to DART. It must be stated that I have worked with David since our collaboration on China: 50 Years Inside the Peoples Republic back in 1998. Info. As the editor of that book, researched during an exciting—and dangerous—period as a new order was taking shape …   Read the full Story >>

If You Love Art Books...

By Peggy Roalf   Thursday August 27, 2015

Well readers, you are probably tapping at your iCal distractedly, with September—and piles of things to schedule—just around the corner. But it’s still summer, at least for another ten days. So I invite you to submit, Where in France Am I?  Correctly identify my exact location and get into the drawing for the last DART Book Prize Contest of Summer 2015. Hint  The more information you …   Read the full Story >>

History As Theater

By David Butow   Thursday July 13, 2017

Photographer David Butow was in Washington covering the recent James B. Comey and Jim Sessions hearings before the Senate Intelligence Committee. What follows is a description of the world that is the high-profile Washington hearing. At 7:45 a.m. Washington time, more than two hours before the world will get its first public glimpse of James B. Comey since his firing by President Trump, there …   Read the full Story >>

American Youth at Fovea Exhibitions

By Peggy Roalf   Thursday August 6, 2009

The latest generation to be misunderstood by their elders, according to author Steve Appleford, is the largest in the history of the United States. Numbering twice as many as GenX, the iGeneration, who are now aged 18 to 24, are often characterized, says Appleford, as "spoiled cry-babies and fashionable zombies, plugged into the virtual unreality of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, BlackBerry, Blu-Ray, Bluetooth, …   Read the full Story >>

Richard Misrach: The 1991 Fire Aftermath

By David Butow   Wednesday October 26, 2011

On October 20, 1991, fine art photographer Richard Misrach was in his Bay Area studio watching television coverage of the largest urban wildfire in United States history destroying thousands of homes in the nearby Oakland and Berkeley hills. A few days later, while driving through some of the affected neighborhoods, he realized the scenes of devastation were perfect examples of the same subject to …   Read the full Story >>

The DART Board: 01.19.2022

By Peggy Roalf   Wednesday January 19, 2022

  Hugh Hayden’s Brier Patch is now on view in Madison Square Park. Presented across four separate lawns in the park, Brier Patch will feature a total of one-hundred wooden elementary school-style desks that erupt with tree branches, cohering into tangled assemblies with complex and layered meanings. The accumulations of desks summon the grid arrangement of classroom seating. Referencing folklore traditions around the world, the …   Read the full Story >>

Friday notePad: 10.11.2013

By Peggy Roalf   Friday October 11, 2013

If you want to take in some Chelsea galleries and only have an hour, you could check the listings and make a plan; that alone could take some time. Or you could pick a single block and hit the bricks. Each block is different, but if you want variety and high-density, some of the choice blocks include West 27th Street; West 26th Street, West …   Read the full Story >>

Life as Lived: World Press Photo at the United Nations

By Peggy Roalf   Tuesday May 1, 2007

GETTING THE NEWS ONLINE is the choice of many harried people, especially those who need to view the same events through different media. While this can speed things up, readers pay a huge price because the information we usually receive through news photos is largely missing. So if you think you're pretty well-informed, the month of May offers a chance to become extremely well …   Read the full Story >>

David Butow: BRINK

By Peggy Roalf   Thursday January 20, 2022

  Independent photojournalist David Butow sensed a dark undercurrent in the American political psyche while covering the early days of the Trump campaign back in 2016. As he followed events in the upper Midwest rustbelt and rural towns, he concluded that the ever-changing narrative of the highly unpredictable candidate signaled dramatic times to come. So he moved to Washington, D.C. for an immersive experience …   Read the full Story >>

Letter from Beijing

By David Butow   Friday June 20, 2008

Like many foreign photographers, I came to Beijing this spring because of the international attention generated by the upcoming Olympic Games. But when a huge earthquake hit Sichuan province on May 12th, I found myself dealing with challenges and dynamics I had never experienced in previous disasters. During the first couple of days, many flights to Chengdu, the city closest to the epicenter, were …   Read the full Story >>

Considering the Dead

By Steve Brodner   Friday October 31, 2014

The pre-Columbian Día de Muertos, or Day of the Dead, celebrated the lives of the departed with food- and flower-based celebrations that were so popular that the observance spread beyond Mexico to South America, then to Europe and beyond.  The holiday also promotes artistic expression in a nice D.I.Y. mould, with elaborate preparations including the building of alters, the sculpting of goddess-like avatars, and even …   Read the full Story >>

What We Learned This Week: Chinese Censorship and the Sony World Photo Awards

By David Schonauer   Friday February 28, 2020

This week saw charges of censorship aimed at an unexpected source: Recently, the Sony World Photography Awards revealed the shortlist for its 2020 professional competition, including several series relating to protests in Hong Kong. Then came news that those entries had been removed from the competition's website. That controversy was followed by the news that the United States had declared five Chinese news outlets …   Read the full Story >>

The DART Board: 02.02.22

By Peggy Roalf   Wednesday February 2, 2022

Opening February 1: The Black Index at CUNY The artists featured in The Black Index build upon the tradition of Black self-representation as an antidote to colonialist images. Using drawing, performance, printmaking, sculpture, and digital technology to transform the recorded image, they question our reliance on photography as a privileged source for documentary objectivity and understanding. Their works offer an alternative practice—a Black index—that …   Read the full Story >>

The Party + The BIG TALK

By Peggy Roalf   Thursday October 30, 2014

AI-AP, the parent company of DART: Design Arts Daily, invites subscribers and their friends to The Party, on Thursday, November 6, to launch American Illustration 33, American Photography 30, Latin American Ilustración 3, Latin American Fotografía 3, and the International Motion Art AwardsTickets. But first, warm up at the BIG TALK Symposium, on Wednesday, November 5.  From 1 to 5 …   Read the full Story >>

The DART Board: 03.02.2022

By Peggy Roalf   Wednesday March 2, 2022

  Opening March 3, 6:00-8:00 pm: Willie Birch | Chronicling Our Lives at Fort Gansevoort The exhibition features large paintings on paper and painted papier-mâché sculptures created between 1987 and 1996, complemented by a new monumental, mural-like work executed in black and white. Together, the thirty works on view reflect Willi Birch’s perspective on the beauty and complexities of the human experience. He writes, …   Read the full Story >>

What We Learned This Week: Richard Prince to Pay Photographers at Least $650M in Copyright Case

By David Schonauer   Friday February 2, 2024

A years-long copyright dispute that has been closely watched in the art world has been settled. Who won, though, is up to interpretation. This week we noted that the artist Richard Prince has agreed to pay at least $650,000 to two photographers in a pair of copyright lawsuits against him for using their images in his "New Portraits" series--work consisting of Instagram screenshots Prince …   Read the full Story >>

The DART Board: 04.09.2021

By Peggy Roalf   Friday April 9, 2021

April 16, Film Forum, NYC and Laemmle NoHo, LA Bill Traylor: Chasing Ghosts, a new documentary on the life and art of Bill Traylor, an American artist with a remarkable and unlikely biography, will be released next week, in person and online. Bill Traylor was born into slavery in 1853 on a cotton plantation in rural Alabama. After the Civil War, Traylor continued to farm the land as a sharecropper until …   Read the full Story >>

The DART Board: 07.22.2013

By Peggy Roalf   Tuesday July 23, 2013

And the Winner Is: Alan Fishleder, of Woodland, CA, was first to email the correct location of Brian Rea’s weekend surf fest at Point Mugu. He wrote: This is fun! By the looks of things, Brian's on the pathway leading from Pt. Mugu at Point Mugu State Park, Ventura County.  It's about 15 miles south of Oxnard at the edge of the Santa Monica Mountains. For this, Alan will receive …   Read the full Story >>

The DART Board: 07.26.2016

By Peggy Roalf   Tuesday July 26, 2016

Special Events Thursday, July 28-Saturday, August 13 BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn!  continues at the Prospect Park Bandshell with free performances and screenings. Info   Talks / Discussions / Screenings / and Beyond Tuesday, July 26, 16 Patricia Cronin & Maura Reilly in conversation, 6 pm. FLAG Art Foundation, 545 West 25th Street, NY, NY Info A-I-R Talk with WNYC, 7 pm. Jordan Casteel, …   Read the full Story >>

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