The August DART Book Prize Contest

By Peggy Roalf   Thursday August 30, 2018

The last week of August can mean only one thing for DART readers—the last Book Prize Contest of Summer!

So grab that ice-cold drink, kick back, and tell me: where in New York City am I? Correctly identify my exact location and get into the drawing for the DART Book Prize Contest.

Use your imagination, tell a story, fictional accounts will be considered if the narrative works. For example, when I made this shot I was thinking: Any photo could be more interesting if it includes a tennis bubble.

Contest rules:

The Book Prize Contest is open to all DART subscribers.

Use this subject in your reply: I Love Art Books! All others could be inadvertently overlooked.

Books can be shipped only to continental United States. Hint: if you live beyond the contiguous 48 and have a friend living stateside, you can have your prize book mailed to them.

Include your name and snailmail address in case you’re the winner of a copy of AI-36, designed by Matt Vee, with interiors designed by Merjin Hos.

See the AI37 Winners slide show here


Friday, September 7, midnight EST. 

The winner will be announced soon after.

Happy Labor Day!

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