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By Peggy Roalf   Friday July 29, 2016

The winner of the recent DART Book Prize Contest is Benoit Filion, of Chateaugay, New York. He wrote:

You are in front of Galerie Lefebvre (intersection of Quai Voltaire/Pont du Carrousel) looking at the reflection of the Louvre in the window. Every inch of Paris is worth discovering and you likely have seen a lot already. Louvre, d'Orsay and Pompidou since you like art. And corresponding bookstores. Sadly, Gallery Anatome, which used to be one of my favorite places in Paris, closed in 2015. Not far from where you are you may want to visit famous yet popular restaurants in St Germain. Brasserie Lipp, Café de Flore, Les deux Magots.

Since you like exhibitions and books, also worth to visit (16-18 Rue de l’Abbaye) specialized in art. It used to be a famous bookstore but evolved in a gallery and portion of bookstore. A bit further—but still walkable, Musee Rodin is worth it for a quiet place to relax in the garden and the museum itself.

If you have seen a lot of the tourist main attractions, consider a visit or better yet a concert at l’Eglise Sainte Chapelle [on Isle de la Cité]. I saw it on my fourth visit in Paris and was so impressed that I visited it twice during the week. Have a nice trip if you are still there.

Thanks Benoit, I’ll save your Paris Guide for the next trip, as this photo is from last July! I was on my way to Sennelier, which is two doors down from this beautiful gallery. Here’s a photo of the sales room of the historic artist supply company that produced paints for the Impressionist painters, and is still famous for its incredible pastels (above).

In addition to Benoit’s Paris Guide, during the same week BlouinArtInfo published a Paris Guide by tapestry expert Dominique Ghevalier, whose gallery is also located on Quai Voltaire. Info



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