The DART Board: 12.08.2021

By Peggy Roalf   Wednesday December 8, 2021


Last chance—closing today: Pamela Council | A Fountain for Survivors, Duffy Square, Times Square, NYC. 

Jasmine Weber writes, in Hyperallergic: "Eighteen-feet tall, A Fountain for Survivors is a magnificent protrusion in the middle of Times Square that manages to stand out despite being surrounded by billion-kilowatt billboards advertising the Jolly Green Giant, Coca-Cola, and every other brand in the American capitalist lexicon. While challenging to create an artwork that won’t disappear behind crowds in the most trafficked part of the city, Council created a haven in the heart of Midtown.

"Conceptually, the artwork rockets in the opposite direction of the standard drudgery of public monuments — bronze, monochrome statues heralding figures mostly of the past. But Council’s work operates to celebrate themself, ancestors, their peers, and you — survivors — all at once. Inside, the pastel-colored fountain bubbles, music plays, and curving walls are decorated by diffused, spray-painted pink clouds. Its gilded edges are decorated by warm lightbulbs, recalling showbiz dressing rooms; Broadway is just a few blocks away."

Duffy Square is located at Broadway and 46th Street, NY, NY Info at Times Square Arts




Saturday, December 11, 2:00pm: Philip Montgomey in conversation with Jamie Lee Curtis, live and online, Artbook @ Hauser & Wirth LA 

Join Philip Montgomery for a presentation and signing to launch his new photo book American Mirror (Aperture 2021) Register

in the Bookstore and streaming live on Instagram @artbookhwla  Philip will be 

American Mirror is award-winning photographer Philip Montgomery’s dramatic chronicle of the United States at a time of profound change. Through his intimate and powerful reporting and a signature black-and-white style, Montgomery reveals the fault lines in American society, from police violence and the opioid addiction crisis to the COVID-19 pandemic and the demonstrations in support of Black lives. Yet in his unflinching images, we also see moments of grace and sacrifice, glimmers of solidarity and tireless advocates for democracy. Like Dorothea Lange and Walker Evans before him, Montgomery has made an unforgettable testament of a nation at a crossroads. Above: Philip Montgomery, Manhattan’s financial district as New York began its shutdown at the start of the global pandemic, March 2020, for The New Yorker; read the interview with Kathy Ryan here



Continuing through January 7, 2022: Synthesis II | Kenji Wakasugi’s “Adore” Madonna 

In January 1985, Tokyo—Madonna’s first visit to Japan to promote the ‘Like a Virgin’ album—photographer Kenji Wakasugi was allotted 45 minutes for the photo session, commissioned by Playboy Weekly. In the studio there was one flash unit and one pink sofa, nothing else. [Wearing a collection] of now iconic tems from early Gaultier and Westwood, to the Healthy Swimmer T-shirt and Boy Toy belt-buckle, the Takara Kronoform robot watch, to Maripol’s layered rubber and crucifix jewellery [Madonna created her image before Wakasugi’s lens].

Published for the first time in book form, ADORE is the complete overview of the session – 200 pages include 324 frames, 10 contact sheets, together with 111 large format black and white portraits. For three and a half decades this collection remained in private hands. Volume 2 of this book is now available in a limited edition of 800 copies published by Nicholas James Groarke Studio. Info

Ippodo Gallery, 32 East 67th Street, NY, NY Info




Opening Thursday, December 9, 6-8 pm: Sweet Home, featuring works by Leslie Kerby, Julia Kuhl, Heather Morgan, Patricia Satterlee, and DART subscriber Jeanne Verdoux. 

Home Sweet explores the symbiosis between our interiorities and the spaces we call home as nexus points of human belonging, complicating the private/public line that has traditionally demarcated the frontiers of spaces of femininity and fostered division rather than community. Bringing together drawing, painting, and ceramics by all women artists, this group exhibition addresses domesticity by transforming the private sphere into a public forum for emotional and creative exchange. Right: Jeanne Verdoux, Female Vessel au Bleu de Sevres, 2020, Acrylic on mattress paper, King size

Our homes reflect the richness of our innermost realities, yet they are also fortresses where we retreat from outside. Home is where we are truly alone, yet it is also full of loved ones, both past and present, and the memories that shape who we are as people. Home Sweet explores the permeability of the four walls separating inner and outer, private and public, and personal and collective experience. 

Frosch Gallery, 34 East Broadway, NY, NY Info



Saturday, December 11, 2-4 pm: Chemin Hsiao | Shapes of the Garden

Chemin Hsiao’s woodblock prints, inspired by the ever-changing shapes and colors of the Queens Botanical Garden, build upon a 2017 series of watercolor paintings, “Sitting with the Garden.” Hsiao now utilizes the woodblock print medium to describe a different set of seasonal changes. Through the passage of time, new visualizations emerge from the same locations Hsiao painted previously through seasonal changes and the specific woodblock printmaking technique. Based on the Japanese ukiyo-e Mokuhanga (Woodblock Print) tradition, each of the prints in this exhibition is made by hand-printing water-based inks and paints onto paper using 3 to 5 individually carved woodblocks.

Queens Botanical Garden, 43-50 Main Street, Flushing, NY Registration is appreciated; walk-ins are welcome up to capacity Info

Save the date: Saturday, March 19, 2022, Printmaking workshop with Chemin Hsiao.


Opening December 14 online: Backordered
The New York Artists Circle presents Backordered, a look at American consumption impacted by the pandemic, continuing through Tuesday, Feb 28, 2022. Curated by Sara Nightingale, Gallerist and owner of the Sara Nightingale Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY, the show features 17 artists from the NY Artists Circle: Cheryl Aden, Marcia Annenberg, Susan Beallor-Snyder, DARTT subscriber Karin Bruckner, Amy Cheng, Bob Clyatt, Jaynie Crimmins, Lynn Dreese-Breslin, Yvonne Lamar-Rogers, Jenna Lash, Eleni Mylonos, Douglas Newton, Carolyn Oberst, Amy Regalia, Andra Samelson  Maria Spector and Lucy Wilner. Info 



Opening Thursday, December 16, 6-8 pm: Earth on the Edge, featuring works by Lois Bender and more

In Earth on the Edge, twelve artists declare a climate emergency in Earth on the Edge, an exhibition that explores the tipping points of unstoppable climate change.  Artists represented: Marcia Annenberg, Krisanne Baker, Lois Bender, Walter Brown, Noreen Dean Dresser, Johnny Everyman, Nigella Hillgarth, Kathy Levine, Angela Manno, Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky, Ann R. Shapiro, Simone Spicer.

Ceres Gallery, 547 West 27th Street, NY, NY Info


Ezy Ryders by Cate Dingly: Kickstarted for publication by The Artist Edition

A photography book by Cate Dingly, DART subscriber and former student in my ICP Grants and Awards seminar, Ezy Ryders takes a spin with NYC’s Black motorcycle clubs. Photographed over five years, Ezy Ryders tails New York City’s Black bikers to bike blessings, charity runs,bikini bike washes, and anniversary parties, highlighting the under-looked culture’s vices and victories. Ten riders share their personal experiences of the MC world, their narration weaving through the photographs. More about how to back this project [special offers available] here


Four Seasons | Total Landscaping by Brian Rose: Kickstarted for publication in 2021
Longtime DART subscriber Brian Rose writes: “Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign began with a regal glide down an escalator in his eponymously named tower on Fifth Avenue in New York. And his bid for re-election ended, so to speak, with a bizarre Rudy Giuliani press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping in northeast Philadelphia. The reason for the choice of this venue is still not fully understood.

“When I saw images of the immediate neighborhood with a sex shop and crematorium, I knew that this was a job for me – to explore this urban wilderness wedged between I-95 and the Amtrak Northeast Corridor. Just a few miles away from here, from this weirdly significant spot on State Road, the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 and the Constitution was ratified in 1787. But we are now a long way from Independence Hall. Benjamin Franklin, as the story goes, was asked upon leaving the hall what kind of government they had created. ‘A republic, if you can keep it’ was his reply.

"This is a serious, but perhaps, sarcastic, take on an event that will forever live in the annals of politics. It is my end-of-year holiday gift to all. A book/zine with 26 images and a sprinkling of texts.”

More about how to back this project here


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