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By David Schonauer   Thursday October 14, 2021

“Will the Black body ever have an opportunity to rest in peace?”

That question is asked by The Atlantic in a recent essay by writer Latria Graham delving into the story of Renty Taylor and his daughter Delia, two enslaved people who were photographed in 1850 at the behest of a Harvard professor. In 2019, a woman saying she was the descendent of the two sued Harvard, claiming the university was profiting from the images without her permission. A judge later ruled for Harvard, saying that if the enslaved subjects of the daguerreotype did not own the images when they were taken, then the woman who brought the lawsuit, Tamara Lanier, did not own them either, noted The New York Times in March.

Graham’s thoughtful look at the legal matter and the history behind it is among today’s roundup of trends, insights and opinions from around the internet. There is also a look back at America’s long war on terror, a profile of South African wildlife photographer Chris Fallows, tips on making the most of Instagram, and more.

The Atlantic: The Dark Underside of Representations of Slavery

What are the legal rights of deceased Black Americans?

Atlas Obscura: A Stunning Archive of the Work of Early Black Photographers

A new collection acquired by the Smithsonian is a window into Black history.

Los Angeles Times: Chronicling the War on Terror

A look back after 20 years of conflict by the newspaper’s photographers, including Carolyn Cole (above)

CNN: Chris Fellows, the ‘Air Jaws’ Photographer

If you’re a Shark Week fan, you probably know his work.

CNN: Hawaii's Haiku Stairs Will Be Removed

The stairs, whose 3,922 steps wind through a 2,800 foot mountain trail in Kaneohe, on the eastern side of Oahu, were a favored photo destination.

ARTnews: SF Galleries Look to the Post-Pandemic Future with Online Platform

When the pandemic hit, shuttered art institutions the world over were forced to pivot to the internet—and now their future may well be tied to success online.

DIY Photography: Fake Apple Employee Steals 650K Photos from 5,000 iCloud Accounts

Searching for nudes, Hao Kuo “David” Chi would contact the victims pretending to be an Apple customer support staff member.

Feature Shoot: Memorializing Animals Who’ve Been Killed on the Road

Over the years, Kimberly Witham has brought home the bodies of birds, foxes, squirrels, groundhogs, possums, voles, and raccoons. Before burying them, she photographs them.

Dazed: Jane Hilton’s Desert Portraits of Drag Queens Look Like Cult-Film Stills

The British photographer has traveled the U.S. to capture the country’s liminal communities and subcultures, from cowboys and burlesque dancers to gun club members, circus folk, and, now, drag queens.

DIY Photography: 10 Tips for Making the Most of Instagram

Tip number one: Introduce yourself in your own voice. It’s all about authenticity.
At top: from Chris Fellows


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