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By Peggy Roalf   Wednesday March 3, 2021

Lockdown started almost one year ago and that we are still isolated and in a strange space is difficult. I am however, feeling positive with the vaccines coming online and the new Presidency…. This is good news! 

I have also felt very thankful to have been able to continue the work I do for the United Nations from home; it keeps me busy and is always interesting work. [Editor’s note: Mr. Baradat is Global Lead of Graphics and Communications | United Nations Postal Administration.]

My practice has changed in the sense that now I continue to do personal work, but I have more time and energy to do it, having cut down on time spent running around town for meetings and events. During lockdown I have been able to work on projects that have been waiting for me patiently since before the pandemic.  

I engage with a few artists who are friends, but I have not been part of any virtual drawing sessions. I have been loving going to empty museums where I have all of the art to myself. It’s marvelous! 

Presently, I’m fleshing out a series titled, “Improbable Botanicals”. These are inspired by my collection of orchids, as well as my missing the hot tropical Miami colors I grew up with. This I’m sure was born as a counterpoint to the gray of a New York City winter.  


I understand that some artists are concerned with their brands having a consistent look, so that the work is easily identifiable, thus, more marketable. For my personal work, I’ve taken a contrarian view. During these times, I wish to unleash any thought I may have, regardless of how it may fall into my overall body of work stylistically. I want to have fun working on something for the sheer fact that I wish it to exist. 

Diffusing a situation of isolation has been as difficult for me as much as anyone. Living in New York I have had such an active social life—I throw a mean cocktail party—so this has been tough. I miss my friends and family. 

The good news is that I like my own company and have never felt a need to be entertained. I find that working in my sketchbooks is a great help. Exploring new ideas and media can be cathartic.  

Spring will be here soon heralding hope and promise. I can’t wait to see everyone again. 

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