Timelapse Spotlight: Snowflakes Melting in Reverse, and the Milky Way Over Lake Tahoe

By David Schonauer   Tuesday March 30, 2021

Winter is almost over.

So take a moment to enjoy its icy beauty — which you can do, even if you don’t live in cold climes, by watching a new timelapse by photographer Jens from YouTube channel Another Perspective, which captures melting snowflake, but in reverse. “This way, it looks like their beautiful, unique shapes are formed right before your eyes,” noted DIY Photographyrecently.

The timelapse and images images published to Instagram show that it is possible to capture incredibly detailed images and video with relatively inexpensive equipment when compared to other snowflake images shared in the past, added PetaPixel.

“Jens writes that the melting snowflake video was shot on his Sony a6300 with either the Sony 90mm macro lens or the Laowa 60mm 2:1 macro lens,” notes PP. “He does list the Sony a7R IV as his “main camera,” but it’s still impressive that this high-resolution video was shot thanks to one of Sony’s entry-level offerings.”

Meanwhile, PetaPixel also recently featured a beautiful timelapse from photographer Phil Mosby, who in 2016 left his Nikon DSLR on a mountaintop overlooking Lake Tahoe overnight. Mosby set the camera up to shoot photos over nine hours. “What resulted was this strangely beautiful timelapse that shows the setting Moon, the Milky Way, Perseids meteors, and smoke from nearby wildfires,” noted PP.

The photos were shot on August 10 on a mountain overlooking Incline Village, Nevada, on Lake Tahoe’s north shore, added PP. Mosby used a Nikon D610, Tamron 24-70mm lens, battery grip, and intervalometer to shoot the images.

Since the photos were exposed for the stars, the Moon was overexposed as it set, causing a strangely beautiful lens flare effect, notes PP.

“There are shooting stars in this video from the Perseid meteor shower, but they appear as flickers that last for only one frame,” Mosby noted. “Anything that has movement to it is a satellite or an airplane.”

And here’s a bonus video, from photographer Armando Martinez, who believes it is the first-ever drone hyperlapse taken during an entire day — that is, from sunrise to sunset. The video captures the winter solstice of 2019 as seen in Denver.

“The video tracks the sun’s movement with Denver’s Republic Plaza building as the center point as the drone revolves around the city,” noted Martinez at PetaPixel, where he explains how he made the hyperlapse. “It came out a little rough, but it was also my first attempt at a project like this.” He shot it with a DJI Mavic 2 Pro. The video was made from  459 photos taken over 11 hours and 3 minutes. “I went through 27 batteries during the day,” Martinez says.


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