Insight: Go Ahead and Podcast. Here's How

By David Schonauer   Monday April 5, 2021


 Do you want to start podcasting?

“Podcasting is a form of creative freedom with few strings attached,” noted NoFilmSchool, noting that director Kevin Smith shifted from filmmaking to podcasting after creating such cult favorites as Clerks and Mallrats. emphatically stated he was never going back to making films and that he loved telling stories and the freedom of being able to create without having to assemble cast and crew. Speaking at Podcast Movement in Chicago, Smith explained that he loved telling stories and the freedom of being able to create without having to assemble cast and crew.

NFS recently featured a four-part series on getting started as a podcaster that filmmakers may want to look at — and photographers, too, because the lessons are generally applicable to both professions.

Part one of the series focuses on why you might want to start a podcast.

One reason, notes NFS, that it can can give you a platform to not only sell yourself as a creative but also to sell your projects to clients, including film distributors. Podcasts also help you built a personal relationship with your audience base, beef up your storytelling skills, test out new ideas for film subjects and narratives, and more.

There are also some reasons not to podcast: First they take time and effort. Don’t imagine that you’ll have a popular podcast right out of the gate, or that you’ll make money from it quickly.

Part two focuses on the skill set you’ll need, including narrative and conversational skills. (“Podcasting is not the same as talking to a friend on the phone. You have to be comfortable enough to be yourself when the microphone is in front of you and that can take time,” notes NFS.) You may also need knowledge of audio basics.

Part three zeros in on podcast production, from scripting and recording (you want a nylon pop filter to place between you and your mic to minimize “plosives,” those “p” popping sounds, but they can also be removed in post).

Part four looks at launching and promoting your podcast. Besides promoting on social media, you can add your podcast RSS feed to platforms like Sticher and iHeart.


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