Agenda: White House Photographers Pete Souza and Eric Draper at 'Projections' On Jan. 27

By David Schonauer   Tuesday January 26, 2021

Ever dreamed of documenting history inside the White House?

As we noted recently, President Joe Biden has filled out his communications department with veterans of his presidential campaign, including Adam Schultz, who will be the chief official White House photographer. As the new president and Schultz get to work, the monthly “Projections” series created by New York photographers' rep Frank Meo is set to showcase the work of two former White House photographers, Pete Souza and Eric Draper, who worked for President Barak Obama and President George W. Bush respectively.

Both will be presenting and discussing their work, and you can join them via Zoom. The event takes place on January 27, from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm.

Go here to register.

“I will show images from my early career as a wire service photographer and tell the story of how I evolved into the Chief White House photographer for President George W. Bush,” says Draper. “I will also show my favorite images from my eight years in the White House, including my experiences on 9//11.”

Draper worked for the Associated Press as a news photographer prior to joining the White House. He also worked as a staff photographer for The Seattle Times, the Pasadena Star-News and the Albuquerque Tribune. Among the stories he’s covered: the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia and the Kosovo conflict in 1999

Souza worked in the White House not only for Obama, but also for President Ronald Reagan. He collected his work in the book Obama: An Intimate Portrait. During the Trump administration Souza became known for his social-media presence, as he often posted images of the two presidents to illustrate what he saw as the differences in their characters. That work was collected in the book Shade: A Tale of Two Presidents. Souza was also the subject of a 2020 documentary film, The Way I See It.

Souza will be speaking about the work of the White House photographer and how it has changed over time.

Go here to register for the “Projections” event on Wednesday.
At top: From Pete Souza


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