Agenda: Gerd Ludwig Storytelling Workshop, Online, Jan. 17-28

By David Schonauer   Wednesday January 13, 2021

Photographic education changed in 2020.

As the coronavirus swept across the world, schools and workshops were forced to curtail programs and expeditions, but other solutions emerged. One was an initiative called "Evenings with the Masters: Inspiration from Photographers." It was the brainchild of George Nobechi, aTokyo-based photographer and creative director of Nobechi Creative, an online art community that features workshops, charitable events and other programs. The series of 18 weekly online gatherings featured master photographers including Stephen Wilkes, Amy Toensing, Sam Abell, Greg Gorman and Gerd Ludwig, who each spoke about their work to a live audience and answered questions. All proceeds from the programs were directed to charities chosen by the presenters, and a total of some $30,000 was raised.

Now Nobechi Creative is offering a unique online workshop with Ludwig called “The Art of Storytelling.” It runs from January 17 to 28. There is a free orientation on the evening of January 6, at which prospective participants can talk with Ludwig about the kinds of photo projects that are possible to make safely under current conditions.

By Gerd Ludwig

Ludwig, a National Geographic photographer who has worked on complex photo narratives about Chernobyl and Russia, among other projects, is also known for teaching a workshop at the Salton Sea in southern California. (See our profile.) The new online workshop is geared to professional and committed amateur photographers who want to hone their storytelling skills. Ludwig says it will focus on “the aesthetic, technical and logistical aspects of photographing with personal vision.” He emphasizes the importance of photographing people in an intimate fashion, making photographs that communicate emotionally as well as editorially.

By Gerd Ludwig

The workshop will begin with two days of portfolio reviews, instruction and theory, before participants begin photographing a subject of their choice for a total of seven days. (Students will be asked to develop two attainable and well-researched project ideas before the workshop commences. The ideas should take covid-19 safety into account. Ludwig notes that photographers can make worthwhile projects about their daily lives or about their isolation or responses to the pandemic.)

Throughout the workshop there will be editing days guided by Ludwig. The final two and a half days will be focus on editing, toning and sequencing, followed by a joint presentation of the final stories.

This workshop is limited to 10 participants. Tuition: $2,250 per person. Go here for more information.


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