How To: Create Cinematic Time-Lapse Videos and Wildlife Video, Record Voice-Overs on Location and More

By David Schonauer   Wednesday January 27, 2021

Time lapse has come a long way.

The filmmaking technique has become a central piece of the visual universe online, with photographers using it to capture the wonders of the cosmos, the intricate live of insects, the astonishing power of weather and the marvels of urban live. In doing so, they’ve had access to ever-more-sophisticated gear, from cameras and sliders to gimbal and drones, that has made it possible to more and more people to create cinematic-quality work.

Today’s roundup of filmmaking tutorials from around the web includes a big 42-minute video from Sony Alpha Universe in which photographer Drew Geraci explains what you need to know to create a high-end commercial time-lapse videos from home. He goes through camera and lens choices and explains the “3 pillars of great time lapses.” He talks about astro time lapses and event time lapse and runs through ideas for creative ways to capture time lapse.

But of course there’s more, including tutorials on creating cinematic wildlife videos, turning video into long-exposure photos in Photoshop, creating epic B-roll transitions, shooting interviews, and recording voice-over on location.

1. A Guide to Creating Cinematic Time Lapses

Drew Geraci explains it all in 42 minutes.

2. Creating a Cinematic Wildlife Video

At Fstoppers, Ryan Mense explains how he created his video “Green Heron: A Cinematic Portrait.”

3. Turn Video Into Brilliant Long-Exposure Photos

Here’s a new idea from PiXimperfect: Turn your time-lapse videos into long exposure photographs in Photoshop. Turns out it’s easy to do.

4. Get Perfect Exposure When Shooting Video

Autofocus can’t do it all! Here,  Saurav Sinha, this excellent video will show you how to get shots in focus when shooting video.

5. Make Epic Handheld B-Roll Transitions

It’s time to shoot better B-roll. YouTuber Daniel Schiffer has some ideas to help you.

6. Simple Tricks for Better Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

Aidin Robbins reveals his favorite editing techniques in Premier Pro. Create smoother animations and better color grades!

7. Tips for Faster Editing in Final Cut Pro X

You say you use Apple’s Final Cut Pro X to edit? Here, Matthew O’Brien of Midland Pictures offers some short cuts to get the work done faster.

. Ten Angles That Will Improve Your Interviews

The angles you choose when shooting interviews is hugely important, notes DIY Photography, which offers a video going over 10 different interview angles.

9. Turn a 53-Second Video Into a 4-Hour Video

Shazam director David F. Sandberg, aka ponysmasher at YouTube, is known for his entertaining how to videos. Here, sort of for fun, he explains how he gave viewers the bird for 240 straight minutes.
At top: from "How to Create Cinematic Time Lapses from Home"


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